5 Facets of your Reputation that matter

Facets of Reputation

Your reputation matters.  Everyone knows that.  No matter who you are you need to worry about what the public thinks.  With online reviews and social media it is now easier than ever for an angry consumer to share with the world how bad their experience was with your establishment.  There is no longer a difference between reputation and online reputation.  They are one and the same.  To measure and improve ...

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Four Tips for After the Press

Today’s culture moves on so quickly from one thing to the next that it is nearly impossible to keep the attention of consumers.  Despite these changes, earned media remains one of the most effective ways to convince consumers that your product or service is the best.  If you aren’t careful and effective with your earned media then your sales will spike for a few days and then drop off.  The days ...

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Three Reasons To Talk About Yourself on Earth Day

Taking responsibility for the environmental impact of your business just makes sense. To begin with, a healthy community means a healthy environment for your business to flourish. And – now more than ever – consumers are looking for brands to support that are good global citizens. Beyond that, finding causes that you are passionate about feels great, and that will shine through your brand and help others feel great about your products too.

Earth Day was created more than ...

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Snapchat Lessons Learned From Three Top Brands

Millennials can be difficult for many brands to reach – and if you want to stay in business you need to reach them.  The secret is to go where they are.  According to eMarketer, 71% of people between age 18 and 29 are actively using Snapchat.  This new and rising platform can be an incredibly powerful tool for brands to reach people on a personal level.  Here are some of the top Snapchat brand campaigns ...

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3 Lessons Learned from Awful Social Media Blunders

Social media is great because of its ability to spread a message to millions of people in just mere minutes.  But it’s a double-edged sword that can either hurt or help you.  When used properly it can grow your business exponentially, but when used incorrectly it can destroy your reputation in a heartbeat.  Negativity spreads at least twice as fast as positivity. Don’t become a punch line on late night TV because you messed up a social media campaign. ...

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Top 5 Skills for the Modern PR Professional

In an increasingly online world the skills required for a Public Relations professional have significantly evolved from what they used to be.  We no longer do all of our work in the newspaper and telephone conversations are becoming a thing of yesteryear.  These five skills will help you take your PR from the 1920’s to the future and ensure your success.

  1. Web Skills: With almost half of the world’s population online now it is ...
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How to Succeed Like a Baby Boomer

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and thriving and baby boomers are giving millennials a run for their money when it comes to entrepreneurism. According to Entrepreneur.com’s Peter Daisyme, baby boomers are the most powerful entrepreneurial group in the United States; “The American Dream never ends, and baby boomers are finding that they are in the perfect position to build their own business.” Out of all the reasons why baby boomers make the perfect entrepreneurs, we’ve selected four that we think really ...

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Earned Media Coverage: Myths and Must Haves

Media coverageMedia coverage- the Golden Goose of your public relations efforts. A non-paid endorsement…it doesn’t get better than that. People trust media coverage infinitely more than paid advertising or any other sales tool.

Media coverage can help launch your startup without costing too much, raise your brand awareness/recognition- which can lead to increased everything, especially sales- and can actually help great talent find you when they are looking for jobs.

But getting ...

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How To Get Brilliant Marketing Results With Your Small Budget

On a tight budget?

We get it, you’re just starting up and every penny counts, but don’t let that be the reason your small budding entrepreneurial venture skimps on marketing. While there are some things that can only be reached through a larger budget, you can still get big results for your business even with a small budget. You’ve just got to be more focused and precise with your efforts because mistakes ...

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Thank You EmployeesIn Honor of National Employee Appreciation Day today, we thought we’d give you the secret to keeping your employees happy. After all, “a happy employee is a productive employee.” Your employees are the life force of your business. Without them you wouldn’t be where you are and your life would be much more stressful. Why not take a day to show them how much you appreciate them?

Employee Appreciation Day is ...

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