Three Reasons To Talk About Yourself on Earth Day

Taking responsibility for the environmental impact of your business just makes sense. To begin with, a healthy community means a healthy environment for your business to flourish. And – now more than ever – consumers are looking for brands to support that are good global citizens. Beyond that, finding causes that you are passionate about feels great, and that will shine through your brand and help others feel great about your products too.

Earth Day was created more than ...

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Earned Media Coverage: Myths and Must Haves

Media coverageMedia coverage- the Golden Goose of your public relations efforts. A non-paid endorsement…it doesn’t get better than that. People trust media coverage infinitely more than paid advertising or any other sales tool.

Media coverage can help launch your startup without costing too much, raise your brand awareness/recognition- which can lead to increased everything, especially sales- and can actually help great talent find you when they are looking for jobs.

But getting ...

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How to Keep Your Employees Happy

Thank You EmployeesIn Honor of National Employee Appreciation Day today, we thought we’d give you the secret to keeping your employees happy. After all, “a happy employee is a productive employee.” Your employees are the life force of your business. Without them you wouldn’t be where you are and your life would be much more stressful. Why not take a day to show them how much you appreciate them?

Employee Appreciation Day is ...

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PR Lessons Learned From Super Bowl 50


We might be the last people on earth (besides Colorado fans) to still be thinking about this year’s Super Bowl. But with the important of mixed media advertising and the life of commercials extending beyond the television screen, most of the campaigns featured in the Super Bowl are still just getting started.

While the Super Bowl is undoubtedly still one of the best ways to reach a large audience with paid advertising, there ...

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CSR: The Entrepreneur’s Future

CSR is love for the world around usCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that you hear a lot about and know is important but maybe have been putting on the back burner. You can only run in the same 5k for cancer so many times before it starts to lose meaning for your employees. But CSR doesn’t have to be so cut and paste.

With today’s globally connected world, it’s easier and more important ...

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3 PR Strategies To Help Your Small Business Thrive This Year


According to a new survey, despite the unstable economy, rising minimum wages, and an upcoming presidential election, 92% of small business owners expect their revenue to increase in the coming year. Young Business owners and restaurants led the optimistic charge. With the outlook so great, it’s a great time to be an entrepreneur. That said, one of the top challenges identified in Yelp’s survey was managing marketing on a limited ...

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Trend Watch: In 2016, Influencer Marketing Will Shine

2016 Marketing Trends

As the year draws to a close, most of our clients are already planning January press releases, events, product launches, and trade shows. In the age of Adblock, on-demand television, and online newspapers, traditional advertising simply won’t cut it. Earned media remains one of the best ways to reach and motivate your audience. To stay ahead of the curve in 2016, one of the key trends to watch is the ...

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