A Consumer Shift in Responsible Spending

consumer-spendingObama is talking about it. Gap, Hewlett Pack (HP) and Timberland are talking about it. Neighbors, executives and world politicians are also talking about it. What are they are all talking about? … Answer: Social Responsibility.

A recent article in Time magazine written by managing editor, Richard Stengel, introduced the idea of a new kind of consumer. “We are again entering a period of social change as Americans are recalibrating our ...

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Bono and the U2 Boys Greenwashing

bonoU2 has launched one of the largest, most over-the-top tour production tsunamis known to rock n’ roll.  189 trucks will roll cross the world supporting what’s sure to be a really big show. Their PR team swears the tour is green (story). I think this is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the growing support for buying indulgences (carbon credits). I can pollute like crazy, waste resources and then ...

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ElectraTherm Green Machine Turns Waste Heat into Electricity

Power Source ElectraTherm Green MachineLast week, Green Week in Review’s Bart King interviewed William C. Olson, Senior Vice President and co-founder of ElectraTherm–a company that has developed modular technology (the ElectraTherm Green Machine) to harness waste heat from a variety of industry sectors.

The United States produces enough industrial waste-heat (think smokestacks) to replace roughly 30 percent of the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels. According ...

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HP and Greenpeace – When CSR Hits the Fan

Hewlett Packard is feeling the heat from Greenpeace after a little roof painting. Greenpeace activists climbed to the top of HP’s global headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and painted the message “Hazardous Products” on the roof.

The painting on HP’s roof is in response to HP’s alleged backtracking on its public commitment to eliminate key toxic chemicals in its products by the end of this year. According to Greenpeace, “HP continues to put hazardous products on the market despite promises made ...

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Corporate Social Responsibility: How you can do it – Part III

The secret to effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is planning. Integrate CSR into your organizglobeinhandweb1ation’s business model for best results. The benefits from your CSR campaign may come in the form of increased profits, an increased positive company perception, or approval from the community through increased goodwill or an improved hiring pool.

Positive outcomes for your CSR campaign require leadership, not luck. A strategic look at organizational objectives and how you ...

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Communicator Awards Honors PilmerPR

award-communicator_bw_logo1comm-award-trophy-2009-lo-res-crop“PilmerPR is pleased to announce the garnering of yet another honor for exceptional public relations results. Thank you to a great client, ElectraTherm, for accepting sound PR advice and thanks to skilled staff that holds up the standard of communications excellence at PilmerPR.”  John Pilmer – President and Founder

EarthTimes covers this Green PR news.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: What is it? Who’s doing it? And how you can do it – Part I

The triple bottom line, CSR and social responsibility are all buzz words gracing headlines and the agendas of corporate meetings both large and small. But what do they all mean? And why is everyone talking about them?

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a relatively new and increasingly large concern for corporations and small businesses alike. CSR is also known as corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility, sustainable responsible business ...

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