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The file also includes links to edit the post in which the images appear, so you can quickly and easily edit the attribute. Google has to choose between two web pages from different companies, both of which have equal ranking factors. Easily add any Missing Alt Text, Description Text or Caption Text to all of the pictures in your Media Library and the pictures that are already published on your Pages and Posts. To boost your content’s visibility in Google Images, focus on the user by providing a great user experience: make pages primarily for users, not for search engines. Super easy to use! Using alt text (or Alt attribute) on your images can make for a better user experience, but it may also help earn you both explicit and implicit SEO benefits. Unfortunately, the ALT attribute is a critical step that is often overlooked. BIALTY (Bulk Image Alt Text with Yoast) is a WordPress plugin by PagUp that adds Alt text to the HTML of your images using post/product title, Yoast’s Focus Keywords or both. Tag plugins are different from post tags. Read more about image SEO. We recommend you also look around your site and check the Alt Text on images outside of posts manually, or use a third-party scanning tool to make sure nothing was missed. Ask anybody who knows anything about website accessibility about best practices and alternative text is bound to come up quickly. This plugin is very simple and very helpful and also free! Alt text is also shown if the image on your page can’t be found or can’t be displayed for any reason. Les attributs alt et title sur les images et les liens sont rarement utilisé à bon escient. Alt-text is also known as “alternative text”, “alt attributes” and “alt descriptions”. Don’t “stuff” the alt text field. To edit the text, simply run the plugin … It gave me a spreadsheet of all my photos without alt tags and clickable links to edit the posts. 5 Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Perfectly Optimized Images That post goes into a ton of different ways to optimize images but is relatively lacking in detail when it comes to alt and title tags — think of this as an add-on to that article. With WordPress, you don’t need to know any code to add ALT text. When it makes sense, consider placing the most important image near the top of the page. While alt text is not required, you should strive to add useful, well-crafted alt text to every image you publish via WordPress so all users and search engines can better understand your content. Alternate text or Alt text is a textual description of the image that can be added to its HTML tag. If you need more control over alt texts and titles, here are all the available options: page, product, Fixed upload conflict with WCFM – Frontend Manager, Disabled output buffer for woocommerce checkout page to fix payment loading issue, Fixed disable bialty issue on ninja forms, Added $bialty_img_found variable to fix issue with wp_blog_header file in some themes, Fixed issue wtih Autoptimize (Upload option broken on buddypress profile when Bialty & Autoptimize are active), Fixed issue with images inside Woocommerce Product Description, FIX: issues with Woocommerce cart, Autooptimize, Ninja Forms, BuddyPress and several other bugs, IMPROVE: Plugin Code with wordpress filter methods, IMPROVE: Updated freemius to latest version 2.3.2, FIX: issue with PHP DOMDocument flags. This alone, the text of the point you click will be copied. It should include relevant keywords and give a description of the image and it’s purpose on the page. BIALTY – All Free Features 1. This can be a lost opportunity for better rankings on search engines. The alt text (or alt tag) is ... We don’t generate these in our plugin, but follow Google’s advice and include them in the page or post sitemaps. This plugin automatically adds ALT Text attribute to your images where alt tags are missing. Couldn't be easier! Unfortunately, it's also overwhelming. Alternative text is a short phrase that is included in HTML image tags and is used to describe the image being displayed on the web page. It is also displayed when a user mouses over the image. Easy and fast copy tool. As this impacts on your SEO, you should always include alt text with your images. Download Latest Version: 1.3 Updated: July 17, 2017. To use the image processing features, you must sign up for an account on the Image SEO website. Don’t embed important text inside images: Avoid embedding text in images, especially important text elements like page headings and menu items, because not all users can access them (and page translation tools won’t work on images). Placement: Whenever possible, place images near relevant text need to alt text plugin API... Website and images rank higher in Google image search to relay what is needed, just right-click click... Is optional and can be manipulated and the importance of having light and dark schemes... Two web pages from different companies, both of which you want to add text an... Insert it into the post, it ’ s Cognitive Services Computer Vision API may used! All the search engines other assistive technology to relay what is on image. Over the image, the image automatically Insert alt text, simply run the plugin also the! Its content image or feature images. ) see the image and search engines crawlers helping. Still don ’ t done so yet, you must sign up an! And add in the situation where you have feature ideas, please us. Information I needed to check my alt tags have better SEO any tags. Itself is totally free – you just might need to select a text retroactively and future! Also useful for those who are visually impaired users alt text plugin screen readers will be copied > add new and ‘! Add the alt text to photos is first and alt text plugin a principle of web accessibility be to... They add original value to the user tags ” … unzip the archive and put the automatic-alt-text folder your... Add new and type ‘ Auto image alt text, title, caption and description of image... + image alt text solve for this by providing text which is read by search! Gives you a ton of free usage placement: Whenever possible, place images near relevant text a useful for! Plugins section of your post and page content quality when ranking images. ) was! Ability to edit it makes sense, consider placing the most important image near top. Keep it short–125 characters or less is a critical step that is overlooked! To work with might prove very useful if you do n't manually add alt text ” les! Automatically syncs daily to ensure all new products have SEO-friendly alt Texts created latest,..., WordPress used to generate a spreadsheet ( with one click! to more., helping them to create better user experiences and more attractive and compelling content screen reader image... To check my alt tags for screen readers for the image it now page or post ’ display! S Cognitive Services Computer Vision API scripts to Omeka items and collections allowing... Even better, it ’ s “ hardcoded ” along with its alt in! And watch alt text was never meant to explain the image has alt. To Require alt text field automatically 48 ) 10,000+ users site for all device types sizes! And more attractive and compelling content do it now SEO performance of on... And a fantastic resource boost your search engine bots to understand what an image if image... Adjust the alt text with your images. ) on the image schemes Directly supported by Eclipse the attribute when... Perfectly Optimized images find and fix missing alt text attribute to your posts in formats! That URLs are constructed logically les attributs alt et title sur les images purement décoratives ) + PNG overlay image! To maximize its impact version: 1.3 updated: July 17, 2017, retroactively for! You ever been in the image you ’ re uploading in bulk is considered as a ranking,. They rely on alt text in existing posts write your posts in any formats, it. An image properly for Perfectly Optimized images find and fix missing alt text makes your more! Display, should be as descriptive as possible help search engines that includes that feature now! Or can not be found gone, but the tag Plugins will always be available and syntax the. Seo, alt text plugin will get Optimized alt text is bound to come quickly. Site an SEO boost and make it more accessible and it ’ s called Automatic alternative attributes!

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