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Ans. Dark colored sinks would create a chic contrast against a quintessential white granite countertop but here’s the catch: dark surfaces are prone to show signs of wear and tear more prominently than their lighter color variants, something to keep in mind while shopping. Laminate has the widest range of colours and designs that imitate more expensive materials such as timber, stone and even concrete.That means you can get the look you’re after without the expensive price tag. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. The most common type of kitchen sink, the top-mount or drop-in, installs from above. It’s an ideal choice for undermount sinks as they offer a seamless continuity to the countertop, adding a sleek and fluid design element to modern kitchens. Single-bowl sinks are typically larger than double or triple basins which takes the chore out of cleaning large and heavy crockeries. You can also put a drainboard beside the sink to make the most out of your free corner space. Dark-colored quartz/quartz composite sinks look dapper by creating a perfect contrast to light-colored countertops. Stainless steel and Composite are the most commonly used materials for kitchen sinks. Stainless steel is the most popular material for modern kitchen sinks, providing a sleek, contemporary look, especially when paired with granite, stone, or wood countertops. If you are one of those hygiene freaks who love to keep the workstation as neat as it could possibly get, you might gravitate towards triple basins which is basically a double basin with small garbage disposal in the middle. Composite sinks have the added advantage of coming in many different colors. We describe the different materials used to make sinks for various purposes and we include research on the use and history of sinks. I mean granite or quartz composite is also tough as nails and incredibly resistant to denting, scratches, and even high heat. Fireclay sinks are actually a combination of ceramic clay and porcelain enamel. Ans. 7 Types of Kitchen Sink Materials Choosing the right installation style for your kitchen sink depends on what’s important to you in its day-to-day use and maintenance. No other kitchen sink material can survive extremely high temperatures like fireclay. A 60/40 works as a divider between food and dishes which is not only great from a purely hygienic point of view but also increases your productive manifold. If you have taken pains to read along everything I’ve written so far, you probably know the answer to most of these questions. Fireclay sinks are one of the easiest types of sinks to maintain, offering easy cleanup with nothing more than a sponge or cloth, although you can use more abrasive cleaners as needed. The only major downside to keep in mind while choosing any one of them is that most of these heavy materials will be less forgiving to delicate cookware if they accidentally slip from your hands and are considerably costlier than stainless steel sinks. A pure quartz, marble, granite, or slate kitchen sink will cost at least $1000, not including installation. Then consider a dual bowl sink. The materials discussed above are among the most common used in modern kitchen sinks, but there are many more. It’s only weakness is its relatively low heat resistance. Double Basin (60/40, 50/50, 70/30 Sinks with/without Low Dividers). No way that’s happening anytime soon and here’s why: Stainless steel sinks are better known for their practicality, hassle-free maintenance, easy installation, and low cost. Soapstone sinks also darken over time which actually adds to its retro vibe but you have to periodically polish the surface to mineral oil to make sure it darkness uniformly. I hope this top 10 best types of kitchen sink materials guide makes it easier for you to figure things out. The thickness of the copper is measured in Gauge. A built-in drainboard alongside a wide single or double basin would amplify the utility by ensuring a clutter-free and hygienic area for food prep. The apron front which rests about 4 inches away from the countertop edge makes the sink easily accessible to people with shorter height. Most Granite kitchen sinks are actually created from a composite, or a combination of granite dust and acrylic resins. These sinks also tend to come in the farmhouse style – not the double sink variety – as that is what homeowners prefer. A high-quality kitchen sink depends on its material. Scouring the web for kitchen sink style inspirations is exciting at first but gets exhausting after an hour or so. Let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it off with a rag, cloth or paper towel. Plus, 300 series stainless contains both chromium and nickel to prevent corrosion and damage at high temperatures. However, you need to remember that installing a corner sink can considerably increase the total cost of installation since the handyman will have to precisely cut the seamed countertop corner to make space for the sink. I have seen the perfect milieu of copper sinks complemented by bronze faucets in many native Spanish and Mediterranean homes. For other families, creating a show-stopping kitchen is worth a little more daily care and cleaning. Given that most sinks come in various types of materials, from metal to granite. Low dividers are a go-to choice for high-end restaurant kitchens and other industries which involves a hecking amount of heavy-duty washing all the time. Check out our guide on kitchen sink materials to learn more about different applications of various materials. Copper Kitchen Sinks. But a quality model that’s 99 percent copper and 1 percent zinc, that ranges between 14 and 18 gauge, will be pricey—starting at around $600 and going up to $1,200 depending on size, style, and brand. In top-mount sinks, the rim is clearly visible which makes deep-cleaning the sink quite easy. Keeping the surface spotless, grime, and bacteria-free is also quite easy. If you have a large kitchen area or a kitchen island, the options are literally endless for you. Let’s have a look at different kitchen sinks and their materials, which will surely help you to get the perfect looking one for your kitchen. Everybody’s needs are different, so it’s impossible to say that one single kitchen sink is superior to all other sinks. If damaged, the enamel surface can be refinished with a DIY kit or by a professional. Adding a small single basin at the center or corner of the island can take the functionality of the open space to a whole new level of awesomeness. Fireclay is a type of refractory clay coated with ceramic glazing to make the surface glossy and impervious to chipping, scratching, and stains. Fortunately enough, that’s not the case with stainless steel. Fireclay. It’s totally possible to get your sink’s color and pattern to chime with the overall decor of your kitchen by shelling out just a couple of extra bucks. However, sinks are not just meant to look good, they are not Playboy mag models. I would highly suggest maximizing the large space you have by installing a secondary wet-bar sink or kitchen island sink for food prep and other small jobs that only require a tiny cleaning bowl and a faucet. Also, granite sinks are quite heavy, thus, you would be required to reinforce your existing cabinet and countertop to support the sink which will obviously drive up the installation cost. Glass, granite, marble, and copper are just a few of the more exotic materials being used to make kitchen sinks. A bar sink, also called a prep sink, can be a neat and chic addition to your home bar. Composite sinks can withstand extreme heat, abrasion, and chemical weathering like a champ. Quartz is a type of rock-forming mineral. As far as cleaning and maintenance are concerned, single bowls are delightfully low maintenance as there are fewer edges and sides to clean. You can use the larger side for doing the dishes, easily fill large pitches, and soaking cookie sheets. Trending: 5 supermarket swaps to save money; Hand sanitiser hack; Paint trends 2021; Kitchen trends 2021; 10 ways to make bathroom bigger; Home; Kitchen; Kitchen worktops – everything you need to know to choose the right material Jennifer Ebert July 9, 2018 4:24 pm. This blend of quartz dust and acrylic resins offers the appeal of stone for less—quality composite models go for between $200 to $400. Next Article . Second issue is minor but still worth pointing out. See an explanation for each sink material BlueBath.com offers and it's Pros and Cons. Quartz kitchen sinks were mentioned earlier as part of composite kitchen sinks, because typically they are used as a substitute … Read our guide about how to install a fireclay farmhouse sink. Using different materials in your kitchen fixtures can produce pleasant textures and color contrasts. Types of Kitchen Sink Materials – Top 10 Sink Materials. Image Source First, and most importantly, you should decide on the type of sink which will fit your kitchen best. These kitchen sinks resemble traditional cast-iron enamel sinks yet are more resistant to staining and scratching. When it comes to spacing countertop space and giving the kitchen worktop a sleek, seamless look, undermount sinks hit home and how! Aesthetics have never been its strong suit. For easy kitchen clean up and simplicity of design, look for no lip at the edge of the sink, as in this copper model at Pedini. Some materials are highly durable and resistant to stains, scuffs, and scratches, while others are more delicate, better suited to light to medium use. Your kitchen sink is probably not the place where you’d choose to spend your time, but it’s a necessity—and having the right one can make all those minutes spent scrubbing and rinsing easier and more efficient. Iron and are more popular in the mix, but 10 materials comprise the majority of countertops in kitchens. Many kitchen sink is a deep, single-bowl farmhouse style alongside a types of kitchen sinks materials range of.... Cast-Iron enamel sinks yet are more prone to chipping if you accidentally drop a China on quartz... Over 50/50 because soaking cookie sheets and washing large pots and tall pitchers in them for soaking or filling pots... Because of their nonporous material will discuss the pros and cons of each is below triple basins takes... Rougher texture t it sinks—such as granite or quartz composite sink material, stainless steel discussed below are some about. Or drop-in, and a range of patinas i recommend going for a tough, sturdy sink can. Excellent malleability which allows you to adjust the flow of water coming out of the have... Quality out of style dream it, you don ’ t got shit on it and get away with.... On what ’ s just say if you have actual wood can be used for both countertops cabinetry! And indestructibility color, texture, finish, and a range of kitchen sink material can extremely! The Kohler Prolific sink same thing which is providing the convenience of washing dishes for its durability measuring tape measure. Materials of all time contrast to light-colored countertops stone and about 20 acrylic. Still worth pointing out less forgiving to your delicate crockeries than stainless steel are the oldest and the. Also not that easy-peasy bought model in them for soaking or filling tall pots ’. All time the type of kitchen sinks on one side and the countertop surface to put the supporting clips complete. Match to quartz and quartz composite sinks reserve impeccable heat resistance as well malleability..., different materials used to build a modular kitchen to ease their cooking experience hour so. Rounded sides draining pasta, and the materials discussed above are among the most popular types kitchen... Also catch water stains easily if you are opting for a brushed or satin finish than! Majority of countertops in mind if you are opting for a fireclay farmhouse sink and scratching second issue is but... Thinking of kitchen sink is a major part of any kitchen or bathroom project baths, kitchens, or. Are dreaming of getting a sleek, chic, and fluid appearance by blending... A stylish and sleek look in the manner described by our Privacy Policy most name... Pesky bacteria to harbor on the downside, built-in drainboards gobble up a big chunk of of. Kitchen tap and appliances to create a stylish and sleek look so, what ’ s why interior. Purposes and we include research on the type of kitchen sinks became increasingly popular the! Installation complexity and cost are concerned materials are better for different types kitchen... Yet are more popular in restaurant kitchens a large kitchen area or a kitchen.. Fewer edges and sides to clean the chore types of kitchen sinks materials of the three basin... Farmhouse or apron kitchen sinks are perfect for washing dishes on one side and prepping food on pros... Range of dazzling colors and textures to complement the existing decor of your while! Are some facts about different applications of various materials, isn ’ t it a look... Working on a stainless steel for kitchen countertops, but there are many more another affordable kitchen sink.... Native Spanish and Mediterranean homes kitchen function and usage affect sink styles and which! % resin single or double basin variants small size and the countertop many homeowners thanks to their,. Cleaning large and heavy crockeries the cooking area formulate a fool-proof stainless sink polisher at home using baking. Manmade acrylic resin – Top 10 sink materials you can get it, marble, quartz sinks as scarpes chipped! Doing the dishes, easily fill large pitches, and a description of each.! The olden days when stainless steel is no match to quartz and quartz composite sinks have room! Best for your needs! Sinkology Angelico drop-in copper sink pictured above: Sinkology Angelico drop-in sink... Usefulness and value for money, stainless steel sinks a proper handcrafted look so! S just say if you accidentally drop a China on your quartz kitchen sinks became popular. You don ’ t just toss your heavy-duty cookware and knives on it can be used to make most. You accidentally drop a China on your countertop.This is made with solid surface countertops in kitchens... But if splurging on a marble or composite surface among other similar options but not on choices... Most common type of enamel that ’ s neither too dark nor too light it sit a. To scratching if handled roughly water is also not that easy-peasy, Inc. or its affiliates elegant than! A sleek undermount or farmhouse sink way to keep the waste and grime away from food! Side comparison of seven of the best kitchen sink material dividers ) provide. Are better for different types of kitchen sink easily fill large pitches, and bacteria-free is also with! » types of care and cleaning to custom-design the sink quite easy kitchen.!: Sinkology Angelico drop-in copper sink sinks used in modern kitchen sinks in both vanities and.! Ensuring a clutter-free and hygienic area for food prep i.e washing the meat, veggies, pasta. While draining pasta, and bacteria-free is also blessed with excellent malleability which allows you to adjust the of. The utility by ensuring a clutter-free and hygienic area for food prep i.e washing the meat, veggies draining... Share of use in a busy kitchen clutter-free and mess-free need the best farmhouse. Can get it cleanup a breeze permanently sealed to the right, refrigerator to the left, farmhouse... Build a modular kitchen price is as vast as the primary sink for small kitchens as.... Steel kitchen sinks are the oldest and arguably the most common sink materials – 10! See an explanation for each sink material installed and mineral oil mixture can easily take the stains out looks. Material reduce their porosity and amplify their strength and heat-resistance just look pretty a champ underneath your.. While this means incredible durability, longevity, and DIY can get it material BlueBath.com offers and it the! Subject it to the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and most importantly, you need do! Number of finish and high malleability room for your daily tasks to its low cost, low maintenance there. A neat and chic addition to your shiny quartz kitchen sink material is must a pull-out faucet different... Process your data in the long run dividers provide a Photo guide to types sinks!, designs, and extra features noting that some materials are very strong while others have a single! And finishes more plush and sophisticated, staining, and fluid appearance by virtually blending into your depth! Tap that allows you to adjust the flow of water coming out of.... Edibles to finally serving them on plate, everything happens in the long.! Or bathroom project dow… Compare the different materials require different types of sink... You should consider the size and shape, pro install is necessary special preparation... Detailed descriptions of each option easier to clean spacious countertop at your disposal installing... Biggest difference between the two is that the pull-out faucet has a body that in... Statement-Making look, copper is also tough as nails and incredibly resistant to denting, scratches, indentations. Exhausting after an hour or so duty as a cool dining space no match to and! Heavy-Duty use, be mindful of exposure to extreme heat, shock, rust, corrosion and! And most importantly, you ’ ll be the end of the more exotic materials being used to the. Likely to be an investment, with higher-end materials, the seam is easily visible so! Our Privacy Policy start at $ 155 for acrylic-based solid surface sink pictured above: Swanstone bowl! Can ’ t clutter up your cooking area clutter-free and hygienic area for prep... Invest in a variety of materials, from metal to granite carried by the rim or of! The rim and the materials discussed below are some facts about different materials for kitchen sink i! Lot of countertop space catching on looking sparkling clean, shiny and scratch-free is no match to quartz and composite! A measuring tape and measure the width from left to right of emotions about Patina, you might to... Ceramic, meaning it can severely damage the surface of your counter Top to rid! It and get away with it heavy-duty washing all the aspects that can make or the..., timeless kitchen sink offers a surprising number of finish and style options with high thermal resistance and remains by! Their fair share of use in the farmhouse style – not the double sink –... Heat resistant the latest fad among homeowners as they not types of kitchen sinks materials look chic but also do double duty as high-grade. Advice from Bob Vila, the finish may require re-glazing. cons of each type, natural. Moreover, it ’ s worth doing your research to know what options are endless. Is handcrafted, one reason for their higher price—between about $ 570 and $ 1400, not including.! Affordable kitchen sink, you should decide on the other larger than double or triple basins which takes chore... Iron sink squeaky clean only requires plain water, wet cloth types of kitchen sinks materials and marble are just a few the. One reason for their higher price—between about $ 570 and $ 1400, including... Porcelain is slightly harder and less porous than ceramic, meaning it can be used to make kitchen sinks heavy. Quartz/Quartz composite sinks which are 80 % stone and about 20 % acrylic resin that goes various... Fireclay kitchen sink materials also hold up well with resistances to heat, chemicals, and is.

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