PR Strategy: Endurance – Key to PR success

This past weekend I was excited to support my son’s first go at the Salt Lake City Marathon. He was pleased with the outcome as part of his long term objective to run a full marathon later this year. To prepare, he sought advice from successful runners, invested in great shoes, and trained for months. The positive outcome was predictable and satisfying as you can see from the smile on his face Continue Reading →

PR Strategy: Good Blogs Draw Website Traffic

As a marketer and public relations professional over the past decade, I’ve watched the Internet play an increasing role in corporate marketing strategies. When the World Wide Web and HTML had its coming out party around 1994, I created my first web page and learned what the slow, dial up Web of the day couldn’t do. In contrast, Web 2.0 media have now increased the importance of integrating the Internet into all ...

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Going Green: More than Lip Service

Today it seems just about every company is trying to join the bandwagon of “earth-friendly” and “striving for a better world.”  Even utility and oil companies make these claims with elaborate Green PR campaigns.   While some of these companies are genuine, others are just offering consumers lip service as a marketing ploy.  We call that “greenwashing”- when a company overstates their commitment to the environment. 

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