Clean Green PR on Scene – Iceland Leads World

This week I attended a Clean Energy conference in Reno put together by the Geothermal Energy Association. Looking for new investment opportunities and Green clients I received an excellent education to supplement previous events on environmental sustainability. My attitudes from the Green PR perspective influenced what I heard – but, I really am positive about the global movement towards “sustainability”, “social responsibility”, and cleaning up our air, water, and land.  Continue Reading →

My Toughest Week in PR

We recently passed that fateful date when we pause to remember 9-11 heroes and seek to learn from our past. Where were you on that day? Does it dishonor the memory of those fallen to hand the PR microphone in the U.S. today to one who seeks to do a public relations whitewash of his words and deeds against people of goodwill everywhere? 

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Is KSL Radio Making PR Blunder ala Coke or Apple?

Several years ago Coca Cola made a “Classic” big branding boo boo when they dropped their original recipe in favor of New Coke, promising a superior Coke experience. They misread the market and the subsequent public relations and customer backlash cost them serious market share to Pepsi. They brought back the original Coke, but not the market share. Apple’s recent iPhone price reduction backlash ...

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Back in the PR Day with Eric Schmidt of Google Fame

From 1998 until he left for the CEO position with a little no-name company called Google, I served on the Novell PR team under then Novell CEO Eric Schmidt. Well, we all know what he’s done for Google’s “mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Although the Schmidt magic did not quite have the same effect on Novell, the company enjoyed great prosperity under this visionary.  Continue Reading →

Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn't Work – Tips for Boardroom PR

I really relate to the following list so well written by Margie Zable Fisher who runs CEO’s and Marketing VP’s seeking to bring PR into the boardroom would do well to review this list and understand the implications. Unmet expectations are many times the result of lack of education up front. This list is a good reminder to talk through these issues with a PR professional before investing is public relations. Continue Reading →

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