Mozy Follows Avamar with Investor Harvest Courtesy of EMC

When I sat with Mozy CEO Josh Coates in Walt Mossberg’s office in Washington, DC back in May of 2006 I could tell something special was happening. Walt was talking about timing a Wall Street Journal review of Mozy with the launch of a new product. He was convinced that Mozy was something special. Well, when one of the top tech reporters in the world responds like that in a product briefing, the

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Clean Green PR on Scene – Iceland Leads World

This week I attended a Clean Energy conference in Reno put together by the Geothermal Energy Association. Looking for new investment opportunities and Green clients I received an excellent education to supplement previous events on environmental sustainability. My attitudes from the Green PR perspective influenced what I heard – but, I really am positive about the global movement towards “sustainability”, “social responsibility”, and cleaning up our air, water, and land.  Continue Reading →