Success Secrets of Top Podcasters:

Web 2.0 media, social media, viral media, podcasting, blogging are all rapidly becoming familiar to savvy marketers and PR professionals. As part of a well thought out customized PR package these outlets coupled with effective SEO PR are vital to business success. Some time back Jack Herrington published an extensive list of ideas for becoming better podcasters. I’ve summarized what I feel are the best of the best suggestions for your perusal.  Continue Reading →

Reach Top Press Targets with Editorial Calendars

At PilmerPR, we use many PR strategies and tools to help clients gain headway in the press.  As this year comes to an end, publications have made their 2008 Editorial Calendars available – which reminded me once again of this valuable tool.  Any well-organized PR campaign should set aside some time to research and follow-through on Editorial Calendar opportunities. 

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