PR Strategy: Do Actions Match Press Releases?

Governments and companies are jostling for position in the areas of corporate social responsibility, clean energy, and green.  Visionary players rightfully recognize the urgent need to clean up the environment, reduce oil dependency, and create a sustainable future for the rising generation. Savvy investors are pouring billions into companies and states that are serious about eco-innovation. In their haste though we’ve seen greenwashing and unmet expectations as organizations and their spokespersons rush to the

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Cleantech is a Bubble Waiting to Burst – Not!

An article at suggests the cleantech sector is a “bubble”, which is to suggest that the sector will implode at some point. That seems pretty short-sighted to me like saying “the global market for computers is about 5” back in the early days of that industry.

Cleantech will definitely have stock value corrections like any new sector, but you just need to understand the soon to ...

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Networking and Service is Good PR Counsel

When Marriott Alumni Magazine called asking to do a profile on me and PilmerPR I was flattered. When I saw the hard copy issue with our story sandwiched between stories on Stephen R. Covey and Bart Oates, I was humbled. In 1982 entering the Business Management program at BYU seemed like a good idea, but my mind was greatly unsettled as to the final direction of my career. That career has had some interesting ...

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