Going Green: More than Lip Service

Today it seems just about every company is trying to join the bandwagon of “earth-friendly” and “striving for a better world.”  Even utility and oil companies make these claims with elaborate Green PR campaigns.   While some of these companies are genuine, others are just offering consumers lip service as a marketing ploy.  We call that “greenwashing”- when a company overstates their commitment to the environment. 

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PR Strategy: Building a Press List that Rocks!

As PR professionals, our ultimate goal is to get press coverage for our clients.  But not all press hits are created equally.  A truly successful PR campaign will result in a variety of hits in both small and large publications that cross all types of media.  The key is finding the most targeted publications, and then pitching the right editors.Depending on the company and their goals, the ...

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Green PR Ripple Effects

The older I get the easier it is to understand long-term consequences. As a father, my young adult offspring have heard many times about “ripple effects” – those unintended after effects of our actions – for good or ill. Well, ripple effects radiate out from the actions, or lack thereof, of companies, governments and people every day.  

Look at the ...

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