Utah needs good PR from its pristine environment

Utah real estate developers are pressing hard to build a bridge over Utah Lake. The environmental public relations whiplash from this proposed plan is just starting. I wrote the following letter to the editor of the Daily Herald in response to a biased article supporting bridge building. I still need more information to form a firm opinion, but we should take the environmental impact into account on this one.


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UVEF “Top 25 Under Five” Make Utah Thrive

It is my privilege to volunteer as Public Relations Chair for UVEF. Today, at an awards luncheon attended by more than 150 business leaders, government representatives, investors and entrepreneurs, the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) announced winners of its 2008 “Top 25 Under Five” Award. This award spotlights outstanding Utah entrepreneurs from across the state.

Nutritional supplements and cosmetics provider Agel Enterprises (www.agel.com) was recognized as the ...

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