Good News on a Tough News Day!

The economic news of the day is causing worldwide anxiety. Many in Congress continue to vie for public relations benefit, trying to shift blame to someone else, anyone but themselves. The truth that we are all in this boat together and each share responsibility for the solution is a tough pill to swallow. Few politicians seem able to eat a piece of this humble pie.

To this writer it seems clear that a dose of humility among our governmental leaders ...

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PR Strategy – Leveraging Corporate Awards

csr-award-trophy.jpgAt PilmerPR, we’re pleased with the awards we’ve won and those with which we’ve helped clients receive broad recognition. One component of PilmerPR’s strategic public relations efforts on behalf of our clients is to seek out and apply for meaningful corporate awards. In a recent article, Darrell Zahorsky outlines some of the benefits of corporate awards as a public relations expansion tool ...

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T.Boone Pickens PR Plan – "not in it for the money" ???

Market Watch interview with T. Boone Pickens on motives for “Pickens Plan”.  Huge PR budget. Are his motives largely pure or profit?

PilmerPR involvement in Green PR has a profit component and an internal motivation to be part of the environmental solution. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) seems like an immediate way to loosen the foreign oil noose with Made in the USA non-polluting resources. But, we need to get the government and greed out of the way to succeed ...

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T Boone Pickens and Utah Governor Huntsman Podcast on Energy Independence

Compressed Natural Gas - .89/gal in UtahOn Sept 11th T Boone Pickens made a strong case for energy independence from foreign oil. Utah Governor Huntsman calls energy independence the “most important issue of our time”. His plan, supported by a huge public relations campaign, to put the country’s trucking industry on domestically produced compressed natural gas (CNG) is drawing many supporters as well as some ...

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PR Strategy – Transparency & Trust

radical-transparent.jpgMany of the PilmerPR blog entries on GreenPR have made reference to the irresponsible practice of Greenwashing by some corporations. Regretfully, it isn’t only large companies and politicians who try to spin their dirty laundry to appear smashing white, while never using detergent.

A recent CNN article announced NASA’s transparency problems when it comes to Global Warming research. While the space agency’s policies have ...

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