Christian Science Monitor – print edition folds


Demand for online news is exploding. Social Media is a major cause and beneficiary of this trend. Traditional daily newspapers have scrambled to stay relevant with new interactive online editions. PR News reports that that 30% of blog readers spend most of their time reading news/current affairs blogs, one form of the “new media.”  A couple of years back the Boston Herald reported potentially cancelling its ...

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Anyone for Good News? – Leading Economic Indicators Up


As a PR professional I consume a bunch of news. And, I must say much of today’s headlines are consumed with the negative. I hate that because self fulfilling prophecies are real. People become fearful and hesitant to act based on the tsunami of bad news gracing the headlines. Today, I would like to counsel organizations doing public relations to go against this negative trend. Make positive headlines. Here, I’ll ...

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Pickens Plan PR Campaign Hits One Million


One of the best funded and successful Green PR campaigns ever hit a milestone as the Pickens Plan reached one million signups at . More than just good public relations, I believe Pickens’ vision of transitioning one million semi-trucks to CNG (compressed natural gas) will make a huge dent in our foreign oil dependence since those one million truck burn 45% of the diesel fuel used in the ...

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Green PR Must Take the Long View

The Ethanol EffectEnvironmental extremists do no favors for our planet when they ignore the long term human costs of going Green. There must be a balance of interests. Many felt ‘Gored to death’ by Al’s promotion of green practices while ignoring his own wasteful practices. The ethanol frenzy was rammed through Congress without taking into account the long term effect of diverting corn to fuel ...

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PR Behind the $700B Bailout – Alternatives? Here's one with less than $100B price tag

The Stone Plan draft v 10

Many Washington insiders admit that restoring “faith” in our financial system is one of the main public relations goals of the $700B bailout that the Congress is wrestling with. So, it passed the Senate in spite of the fact that a CNN online poll indicated 60% of participants thought they should vote against the bail out. The day after passage the markets ...

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