CNG gets some undeserved bad PR in Utah


First, we are happy that four children poisoned in Orem, Utah by a faulty home-installed auto conversion to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) are doing ok. That’s good news. This media story brings out potentially damaging feelings towards an otherwise terrific clean energy fuel that is underutilized in Utah and the U.S. CNG offers Utah’s clean energy for half the price of gasoline – .89c/gal. CNG offers one of the best options for ...

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PR Strategy – New Media – Don't Underestimate the Power


We have spoken for some time about the rapidly evolving world of New Media, Web 2.0, Online Media, whatever you want to label it. Public Relations practitioners are wise to immerse themselves into this evolving world to garner press coverage, increase web traffic, and ultimately increase sales for clients. The PR folks at the awards podiums will be those who keep up in Internet time.

 The recent Presidential election results ...

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