CNG – more than just Green PR for Governor Huntsman

In this weeks’ State of the State address by Utah Governor Huntsman, he spoke of building a Natural Gas Corridor  from Idaho to Arizona. Some might say he’s trying a Green public relations move to appease extreme environmentalist, but that crowd seems blind to the benefits of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) because it’s, shall I mention the words, fossil fuel. I like the Governor’s out of the box, or out of the state borders, thinking here.  Furthermore, I ...

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Time Magazine Plays in ElectraTherm Recycled Energy Back Yard


Time magazine’s cover story this past week was all about  America’s Untapped Energy Resource. In previous blog entries I’ve spoken of ElectraTherm‘s groundbreaking and modular Green Machine that turns waste industrial heat into fuel-free, emissions-free electricity. Time Mag is right on! Recapture America’s wasted energy and we can cut energy costs 10-20%.

The DOE already says that waste industrial heat is the #1 potential renewable energy available. And, ...

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Obama Green Energy Tax Credits – enough to make a diff or just good PR?


Mr. Obama is considering $25B in tax credits for renewable energy. Doesn’t sound like so much after the $700B bailout, does it? Nonetheless, I hope this time they allow credits for recycled heat (waste heat) generation harnessing #1 renewable source in U.S. according to the Department of Energy (DOE). ElectraTherm has proven the technology is commercially viable and has units in action.

Congress should also tax credit duel ...

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PR News CSR Awards Finalist – PilmerPR LLC up against Weber Shandwick


We are honored to be in good company as PR News CSR (corporate social responsibility) award finalist in the category “Product Design/Redesign”. This is for our public relations and web design work with clean energy pioneer, ElectraTherm.

It is so much fun being associated with a company that is making a difference in cleantech and alternative energy. We accept this great honor in behalf of a truly exceptional company with ...

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