Digital Print is Green Print – HP Indigo

It takes 3 tons of wood and 20k gallons of water to make 1 ton of virgin uncoated paper. But, we plant more trees in the U.S. than we harvest. We are doing something right for the environment. This week I spoke on CSR and environmental PR at the Hewlett Packard Dscoop digital solutions conference in Orlando. I was greatly encouraged by the new print on demand, intelligent marketing world of digital print vs legacy offset. Offset, though it ...

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Rapid Wall Street Drop in Reaction to Stimulus Plan – Speed of Internet


How the heck does Wall Street react so fast to the Obama Stimulus Plan? Thumbs down was the ruling as stocks tumbled once again.  The answer, the Internet. It has changed everything. When FDR passed his massive social programs in the 1930’s,  radio, newsreels, and newspapers spent days,  months and years getting the details of those plans to “the end of the row” to the average Joe.

Today, the average Joe ...

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Social Responsiblity & Crisis Communication- Are Banks listening?


This past week both KSL TV and Utah Business leaned on PilmerPR for insights regarding crisis communications and social responsibility. On KSL I remembered back on the 9/11 crisis while working with Novell and their then new CEO Jack Messman. In the interview, I also talked about the principle that it’s more important to “be good” first before talking about being good.

We’ve published a 5  Step document ...

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