Washington PR not hiding toxic assets – grass roots public relations


Some say the country’s #1 toxic asset is not held by banks – it’s Congress! For decades, Americans have blissfully swallowed government PR spin. Now, there is a revolt under way, courtesy of Internet news and grass roots public relations.

An early (200 year old) guerilla PR campaign protesting “taxation without representation” is heating up again. Boston Tea Party look-alikes are springing up around the country.  Americans are blowing right through ...

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Digital Print Rocks on with merger of PrintechPlus and Rocky Mountain Printing

Just saw the following announcement:
Salt Lake City — PrintechPlus, a major commercial printer based in Salt Lake City, recently acquired the facilities and hired the employees of Rocky Mountain Printing, in Orem and St. George, Utah. The deal gives PrintechPlus three offices and two manufacturing facilities throughout Utah—Salt Lake City, Provo-Orem area, and St. George. The offices in Provo-Orem and St. George would operate under RMPlus, while ...

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