HP and Greenpeace – When CSR Hits the Fan

Hewlett Packard is feeling the heat from Greenpeace after a little roof painting. Greenpeace activists climbed to the top of HP’s global headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and painted the message “Hazardous Products” on the roof.

The painting on HP’s roof is in response to HP’s alleged backtracking on its public commitment to eliminate key toxic chemicals in its products by the end of this year. According to Greenpeace, “HP continues to put hazardous products on the market despite promises made ...

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Top 25 Under Five – Entrepreneurs Honored by UVEF

Fox News: UVEF Top 25 Under 5


Today, Lt Gov Gary Herbert keynoted a terrific awards program by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF). 160 attendees. 25 top companies under five years of age were honored. Representing $80 million in combined 2008 revenue, the winners created 840 jobs last year. ZAGG, Imagination Learning, and OrangeSoda came in 1, 2, & 3.  Emcee, Rick White, co-founder of rising startup Fusion-io kept the event light with ample humor and insights into ...

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Entrepreneurs Love Recessions – Wall Street Journal

recession-loveTomorrow, UVEF will announce it’s 2009 “Top 25 Under Five” award winners in the company of Utah’s Lt Gov Gary Herbert*, Fusion-io CMO Rick White, and a who’s who of business leaders and VC types. They will honor the great entrepreneurs of our day. This year’s winners produced $80M in 2008 revenue and created 840 jobs. With Utah’s nationally leading business climate, entrepreneurs will likely have far more to do ...

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Keep at it – Utah CEO Magazine

In today’s business environment, success may seem very elusive to some CEOs. Businesses that have been around for years either have closed their doors or find those doors creaking shut. Bank empires have crumbled like an old cookie, and the well of money has all but dried up for some.

Yet, amid failure we see new ideas and businesses emerging. So, what is failure? In a recent workshop led by Garrett White exploring ...

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Freedom of Red, White & Blue PR

old-gloryI love America! That concept seems a bit less precious to many than in days gone by. But, I love it-no doubt. Why?

Well, my occupation in Public Relations depends on the “freedom of speech” promised by our Constitution. The concept of a “free press” is required for an effective PR campaign. Americans have fought boldly for more than two centuries to preserve these rights – my ancestors included.

The challenge is freedom ...

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Utah Business Blog: Press Releases and SEO

Press ReleaseOnly ten years ago, press releases used to be one of the only ways to get your company’s name mentioned by the media. A painfully slow fax to newsrooms was the preferred way to get your press release to the media. Thanks to technology, today things are a little different and the value of press releases has significantly increased.

New services like PR Newswire and

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