Social Media Explosion – Fad or Strategic PR Tool

PilmerPR works feverishly to “skill up” staff to meet the demands of Social Media as an important component of a well conceived public relations strategy.  And, if there ever was a moving target, Social Media is it! If you are still a doubting Thomas as to why, watch the following video. Then, give us a call and let us help take your company from “zero to hero” through public relations, including well conceived social media.

Social Media Revolution

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ElectraTherm Green Machine Turns Waste Heat into Electricity

Power Source ElectraTherm Green MachineLast week, Green Week in Review’s Bart King interviewed William C. Olson, Senior Vice President and co-founder of ElectraTherm–a company that has developed modular technology (the ElectraTherm Green Machine) to harness waste heat from a variety of industry sectors.

The United States produces enough industrial waste-heat (think smokestacks) to replace roughly 30 percent of the electricity produced by burning fossil fuels. According ...

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Ambassor Huntsman joins Harley PR team-Message to China?

After the pomp and circumstance, the cannons firing and bands playing, the flags and the applause, Ambassador Huntsman (past governor of Utah) rides off of Utah’s capitol hill on board a a “big hog” Harley Davidson. No, not a farm animal, a motorcycle.

Flanked by Utah Highway patrol and his posse of dirt biker buddies, Huntsman may have sent a perfect message to Chinese trade counterparts awaiting his arrival in their country. Buy American, buy Harley. Certainly the US based ...

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New Utah Governor Makes the Case for Education & Economy

Public Relations and Politics stick together like syrup on pancakes. Jon Huntsman and Gary Herbert’s PR folks were busy today as their efforts culminated in a regal inauguration event in the Utah State Capitol. A large crowd of thousands jostled for limited seating and strained to hear the words of hope offered by leaders.

As lively public debate swirls today in Washington DC on HB 3200 and its questionable nationalized promise of healthcare for all, Utahns in attendance looked ...

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John Huntsman Ambassador to China – Good Choice or Good PR?

President Obama’s recent confirmation of Utah Governor John Huntsman carries some certain intricacies not readily know or realized by the public. On the surface, the choice is great, almost a no brainier. Huntsman fits the China Ambassador mold just about as perfect as Obama could wish.

Huntsman and Obama

During his younger years, Huntsman served a mission for the LDS Church in Taiwan and became fluent in ...

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Closing the Digital Divide: El Hamedi's Inspirational Story

el-hamadiaLibya dedicates more than a third of its national budget on education, striving to compete in the global economy. The nation has the wealthiest citizenry in Africa, but is still trying to close the digital divide after more than two decades of trade embargo that were not lifted until 2004.

Khaled El Hamedi, chairman of ENG Holding Libya, dedicated the last 15 years to closing that divide through training and Certiport’s Internet ...

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