Obama and Kanye – Off the Record

Obama and KanyeAfter the media frenzy about Obama’s comment regarding Kanye West’s actions during the VMA Awards, many people have questioned the relevance of “off record comments.” Who is at fault for Obama’s comments ending up on Twitter? Obama? The ABC News employees?

The LA Times referred to the situation as, “Obama, Kanye West and the trouble with Twitter.” However, according to most public relations professionals, the problem is ...

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Bono and the U2 Boys Greenwashing

bonoU2 has launched one of the largest, most over-the-top tour production tsunamis known to rock n’ roll.  189 trucks will roll cross the world supporting what’s sure to be a really big show. Their PR team swears the tour is green (story). I think this is a perfect example of what’s wrong with the growing support for buying indulgences (carbon credits). I can pollute like crazy, waste resources and then ...

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And Then There Were 2 – Provo Mayor

johncurtis1Post primary, Provo has a choice between two good men for  Mayor – Steve Clark and John Curtis. Both men of character, they represent a clear choice between “political experience” (Clark) and savvy business “experience” (Curtis).  Although I live outside Provo, I am publicly supporting John Curtis. No, Curtis has not paid my PR firm in any way. I owe neither candidate anything, but a hand of friendship that will still ...

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UVEF Crunch Lunch – PR in 5 Min on a Budget You Can Survive


crunchlunch-233x300Today I present at the UVEF Crunch Lunch in Provo, Utah. We expect a big crowd if its anything like the last one of these I spoke at. I’ll be addressing the revolutionary changes in Public Relations and PR tips for startup success on a budget new businesses can survive. Here are some of the revolutionary social media  facts that are changing the PR business:

24 of 25 of ...

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Unintended PR Ripple Effects

t1_blountPilmerPR teaches Public Relations clients to anticipate the unintended ripple effects coming from their words and actions. In Crisis Communications planning, this is vital.

After Boise State’s impressive football win over Oregon on 9/3/09, a short outburst of anger by OU running back, LeGarrette Blount, sent out unintended long-term PR ripple effects that will likely result in a suspension, if not a truncation, of a brilliant football career. A ...

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