I Have a Facebook Business Page. Now What?

facebook-logo-150As the popularity of Facebook continues to grow, business owners are trying to figure out how they can capitalize on the more than 300 million Facebook users. With more than 40 million status updates and ten million users becoming fans of business pages each day, there has to be a market for your company.

As a public relations firm, one of the most frequent questions we are ...

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A Consumer Shift in Responsible Spending

consumer-spendingObama is talking about it. Gap, Hewlett Pack (HP) and Timberland are talking about it. Neighbors, executives and world politicians are also talking about it. What are they are all talking about? … Answer: Social Responsibility.

A recent article in Time magazine written by managing editor, Richard Stengel, introduced the idea of a new kind of consumer. “We are again entering a period of social change as Americans are recalibrating our ...

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More than words – US Government Loses Records

In our PilmerPR public relations firm, words communicate a message like “trust us, we’ve got your back.” But, what’s the message behind the words? What does the attached letter communicate.

The US Government wants to “protect” and run our healthcare system. Do they really have a track record we can count on? They lost my father‘s 25 year US Navy service record.

“We have been unable to find the record needed…”

Can you imagine how you would feel if they ...

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Combating Negative Industry News


One important aspect of marketing and public relations is combating negative news in a client’s area of business. One of our clients, ModifyUtah, recently saw a negative news program about their industry – loan modification.

Sometimes bad stuff happens and a homeowner finds themselves on the brink of losing their home. When in such a pinch, noted consumer ...

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