John Pilmer Appointed as UVEF Chairman

pilmer_pr_photoThe Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) appointed John Pilmer as its 2010 chairman.

As chairman, John oversees all Forum activities and management.

“This is an exciting place and time to be an entrepreneur,” Pilmer said in the official press release. “Organizations like Forbes and Inc. recognize Utah as a leader in aspiring businesses. As the economy turns around, investors and lenders are ready to put their money into promising ventures, ...

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Green PR Firm Wants New Client – Water

water_shortagesI would love our PR firm to work 100% on environmental issues like water, clean energy, and cleantech. Our clients like ElectraTherm have proven our effectiveness in this effort.

A LinkedIn cleantech group member recently asked a question about the water shortage in Los Angeles. My answer was so good, perhaps you may enjoy reading it as well.

LA is at the tail of a tiger that is getting grouchy-the ...

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Do you believe? Breakthrough Auto Transmission – 30% more MPG

breakthrough_bigThere are so many new green technologies under development that it’s hard to keep track. Here’s one more. What if I told you there was a cleantech auto transmission under development that will yield 30% greater MPG, even in big-rig trucks? Gas, diesel, electric, CNG–doesn’t matter. What if I further told you that Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Subaru were all looking at it. More to come…

Did you know that in ...

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Pilmer 1st Day on the Job as UVEF Chairman – Gary Rhoads Brings "A" Game

gary20rhodes2002Today was my first luncheon as UVEF 2010 chairman. Today’s excellent UVEF speaker was Gary Rhoads, PhD in Marketing , Stephen Mack Covey Professor of Marketing, and Director of the Entrepreneurship Center at Brigham Young University.  He discussed powerful concepts from his new book BoomStartSuper Laws of Successful Entrepreneurs.  BoomStart identifies why many start-up companies fail in their first 2 years of business because they spend millions of ...

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Ten Arrogance Traps of Entrepreneurs – Forbes

mouse-trap-cheeseAs the new 2010 Chairman of the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum ( ), I’m enthusiastic about the potential for new business startups to turn the economy around. The grit and power of the small business startup executive is infectious and is likely the most valuable stimulus program available to the USA.

Entrepreneurs aspiring for greatness would do well to pay attention to the lessons of the past as they forge the future.  That’s why I ...

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