The Business Opportunity of Going Green

Today is Earth Day, which means you will probably hear a lot about companies “Going Green.”

Many executives and entrepreneurs wonder if it makes economic sense to do the same. How does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in any of its manifestations (“Green” being just one), affect the bottom line?

John Pilmer, APR, recently addressed this issue at the 2010 Entrepreneurial Business Conference at Utah Valley University. This year’s theme was “Prosper in Hard Times… Opportunities Await!” John believes ...

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Two New Businesses That Can Save the World

The average American produces 4.6 pounds per day. That means the whole nation produces 251 million tons per year.

Many people have ideas to reduce that amount. And despite a common conception, many of the ideas can be more profitable than the status quo.

A group of BYU students, for example, found that Kenyans are often compelled to buy overpriced plastic bottles of water, or face deadly water-borne contamination from cheaper water sources. The ultimatum is not only terrible for their health, ...

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Tips to the Top from APX Alarm CEO Todd Pedersen at UVEF

The crowd of entrepreneurs attending today’s UVEF presentation responded enthusiastically to Todd Pedersen, CEO and founder of  APX Alarm. With 5500 employees, the company expects to knock on 10 million doors this summer as it gobbles market share in the home security market. 850,000 installations to-date puts APX in the top 4 companies in their industry.

todd-pedersenIf you think Todd is ready for a vacation, you would be mistaken, and ...

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PR 101, Part 1 of 10: Social Media


For the next several weeks, PilmerPR will be posting clips from our recent webinar, “PR 101: The Basics.” These clips will not include everything that was discussed, but will provide you with essential information on a variety of public relations topics.

PR 101 will be divided into ten parts:

  1. Social Media —Money Maker or Energy Leak
  2. Press Release – Not Just for Reporters
  3. Online Media Revolution—Print Media R.I.P.
  4. Measurement—Turning PR ...
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Business Blogging: Fad or Necessity?


When “blogging” became a term a decade ago, many probably saw it as a short-living fad.  It was a hobby, not a credible business tool.

Times have changed, and many top businesses are seeing a positive return on investment by blogging.

Forty-five percent of the 2009 Inc 500 now maintain a corporate blog. That’s up from 39 percent in 2008, and 19 percent in 2007, according to research by the ...

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