Washington Post on PR Pop

Ellen McCarthy, talented writer for the Washington Post, recently published an article that got my attention big time. It discussed the power of Pop in today’s new media world. This article offers application for  strategic public relations. In this video, John discusses the power of PR Pop, especially in the world of Social Media.

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Financial Times, Moscow Times, & 80% Corporate Responsibility

80% of the world’s largest companies now have a Corporate Responsibility Report per a recent article in the Moscow Times. In previous entries we have discussed that Green PR is a subset of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Now CSR is being shortened to a term I like quite a bit more, Corporate Responsibility (CR). I think CR is a better umbrella term which ...

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FundingUniverse Joins PilmerPR Clients Named to Inc. 500

For Immediate Release






SALT LAKE CITY—August 26, 2010—PilmerPR today announced FundingUniverse’s rapid rise to the short list of companies served by PilmerPR and attaining the status of Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Entrepreneurial Businesses. FundingUniverse ranks #34 in the newly released 2010 list.

“We are pleased to say we put together the first launch event for Funding Universe (then FundingUtah),” stated John Pilmer ...

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Corporate Responsibility Reported by 80% of Largest Companies

A recent article in the Moscow Times report 80% of the world’s largest companies now publish an annual report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR; CR).  In the wake of this news we find that the believability of these reports is less than perfect with the public viewing internally created reports as biased.  The CSR 2.0 response to that is to recommend that such reports reveal the good, bad, and ugly truth, ...

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Acronyms Everywhere – Do They Communicate?

I’ve worked a bunch in the technology field, so I’m used to seeing acronyms thrown around like toy footballs from cheerleaders in a college stadium at the season opener. Other industries use them as well. The military has a ton of them. As a Public Relations firm, we constantly remind clients to talk in “people talk” without the use of acronyms, unless they are ubiquitous ...

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CSR Optional – NOT!

This article found in UK-based Press & Journal makes me crazy. First, it speaks to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as if it’s another marketing program that may or may not get budget this next year. Then, it tries to position the support of athletes aspiring for professional positions as somehow a higher calling in life for the planet and it’s people. Now, support the advancement ...

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Monetizing Social Media w Allan Grafman – UVEF, MWCN, UTC, WBI

Allan Grafman of All Media Ventures was the featured speaker at today’s joint event sponsored by Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF); Wayne Brown Institute; Utah Technology Council (UTC), and Mountain West Capital Network (MWCN). Held in the Garden Room at Thanksgiving Point, 200+ entrepreneurs and business leaders paid close attention as our skilled presenter spoke on the elusive subject of “Exits, Monetizations & New Media.”

In ...

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Do YouTube? You can Afford it. Can You Afford Not to?

YouTube is now the 2nd Largest Search Engine in the World. That’s right, #2, ahead of Yahoo and everybody else except my former boss, CEO Eric Schmidt at Google.

A high impact video strategy doesn’t have to break the bank. It can get you seen in YouTube search results, but also help your business in the other ways:

  • Increased sales conversions
  • Increased organic rankings
  • Help customers understand your product ...
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Airline Attendant Slater – "We're Not Gonna Take It!"

“I’ve had it” were the parting words of Steven Slater as he exited the JetBlue flight via an emergency chute at Kennedy Airport. The media is all over the story, but what is the unstated message here?

Thousands of fans are flocking to Facebook to swear allegiance. Are they expresssing collective disgust with the decline of the “friendly skies” over the past decade? Or, are ...

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