HP:Un-Heard Message from HP Firing of Hurd-Save the Stock!

Hurd Out of the HP HerdThis past week, Hewlett Packard fired their golden-child CEO Mark Hurd–no, he “resigned”– with a $28M diamond-studded golden parachute. Why? Some CSR experts will say it was the responsible thing to do. You could also say the simmering sexual harassment scandal had something to do with it (you think?!). And, a $28M payoff–um-“severance”–may be pocket change when considered in context.

HP executives were ...

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John Pilmer Speaks Out on the Environment

After his recent release of the tech thriller Green Spin on Amazon.com, author John Pilmer released the following to clarify his position on our stewardship regarding the environment. A fan of entrepreneurial business and green initiatives, John believes both business and sustainability can prosper in harmony with each other.

“People, Planet, Profits: the ’triple bottom line’ of sustainable Green. Not mutually exclusive, but interdependent, these three must all be present for any initiative to have staying power,” John Pilmer said. ...

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"Doing" CSR – The Real Thing

I love this article on CSR. It focuses on what I’ve been teaching PR clients for years: “First  Be Good, then Talk about it.”

Greenwashing is just the environmental version of getting the order wrong, “talk about being good, before walking the walk.” We have a corporate responsibility to answer to Society, the Environment, and Stockholders (people, planet, profit).  We ...

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Why Utah Puts the ‘Wiz’ in Wiz Kid

Matt Dorey, 25, envisioned Curve Dental as a teenager.

Utah ranks high on list after list of economic indicators, including best places to start and grow a business. The state is the envy of others with an unemployment rate almost three percent ...

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