What Mark Zuckerberg Says Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Ten thousand students and Utah business leaders gathered in the Brigham Young University Marriott Center arena, today, for the chance to hear from Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg. It was the first college forum event ever for the 26-year-old CEO, who asked to be called just “Mark.” PilmerPR was there to hear his words to Utah entrepreneurs.

He was invited and accompanied by Utah Senator Orrin Hatch who moderated a Q&A, choosing a handful of questions from more than 400 ...

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Get Ready for Live Web

Dateline: Kynetx Impact Conference

Want to see the next communications revolution on the web as vendors scramble for customers demanding more control over the relationship?

Nearly 100 developers and fans of the Live Web gathered at the evening keynote session of Impact, Kynetx annual conference in South Jordan, Utah. Punching up the volume around its disruptive context automation development platform, the company brought in super-geek mentors ...

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Is Japan's Gov't Telling the Whole Nuke Story?

(Let me preface this blog entry with clarification on my thoughts on nuclear power. As a clean energy proponent, I think nuclear power has a place in our more sustainable future. This is based on years of weighing the upside/downside of known alternatives and the fact that there is no one single power solution without a downside.)

Now I feel better. On with the show. The media frenzy around Japan’s still unfolding tsunami/earthquake tragedy has the public riveted on ...

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