Robb Kunz Presents on Lean Startup Strategy & BoomStartup

UVEF entrepreneur attendees were empowered today with the inside scoop on BoomStartup’ Lean Startup success.

Lean: low burn…with much less waste

Several of the BoomStartup Class of 2011 were in the audience to learn from one of dozen of notable mentors serving this year’s 10 portable companies.

Lack of customers is the #1 challenge for new businesses seeking to scale.

Kunz ...

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VMT Unveils 1st Wind Power CVT Transmission

Today, Dick Wilson, CEO of VMT Technologies took the podium after a lead in from a Novell VP to announce the world’s first continuously variable transmission (CVT) for wind power application.  Positioned as “infinitely variable” (IVT) covering a 30 gear range for vehicles. Mr Wilson said one car manufacturer has anted up $1M for a automotive prototype. As exciting as that news, the news conference ...

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