CSR & Sustainability – The Growing Mandate

For years, PilmerPR has been at the forefront of Public Relations firms counseling cleantech and other clients its Rule #1 for Corporate Responsiblity: “First Be Good, Only Then Talk About Being Good.” While companies outside the U.S. have led the way in Sustainability planning, U.S. based companies are starting to “get the memo.”

Environmental Leader reports on this trend as follows:

“Two-thirds of corporate leaders ...

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New Year's Resolution – Awesome Customer Service! (e.g. Sonny Bryan's BBQ;Brent Brown Toyota; EP Auto)

When I was fresh out of college I served as administrative assistant to an exceptional corporate CEO, Richard “Dick” Smith  of Smith Administrators in Salt Lake City.  Dick used to teach employees, “Rule #1: the customer is always right. Rule #2: when the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1.”

In every position since that time, and as the owner of my ...

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