5 tips to help your company have better content marketing








1. Set yourself up as an expert-This comes from developing original content for your niche. Make sure that you are the leading expert in your area. Be the first to publish and share new findings with your readers. Make sure the information you do share is top quality and useful.

2. Share how to’s or step-by-step guides- Let’s face it, most people aren’t going to your blog or company web site to read up on your latest news release. Most people want to find how to do something in simple steps, even a numbered list that instructs them from start to end. Make your company more relevant by sharing instructional news and save the promotional news for its time and place. (source)

3. Encourage Audience engagement– Make your readers want to participate in what you’re doing/writing. Encourage and promptly respond to questions or inquiries they give. A healthy company seeks out and wants feedback, honest feedback. (source)

4. Help each other out-Use your allies or even competitors and come up with great content together. Work together to produce top quality content that your readers will love. This not only makes your readers want more of your delicious content, but helps position you as a team player. People like when companies act like real people.

5. Emotion, Emotion, Emotion-people are fueled by their emotions. Why not use this to your advantage? Opt for an emotional piece that conveys the overall same message as opposed to a 100% factual based report that a robot could have written. (source)

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