1 Million Cups, a Kauffman Labs entrepreneur initiative, launches in Provo, Utah

One Million Cups, a Kauffman Labs initiative bringing together a community of entrepreneurs;  launches the 25th such city in Provo, Utah.

PROVO, Utah – Local community organizers and entrepreneurs, with the assistance of Kauffman Labs, are set to launch the 25th city of its kind here in Provo, Utah.  The launch will be held on Wednesday, January 29th from 9:00 to 10:00 am, at Camp 4 in the Startup Building, located at 560 South 100 West, Provo.

1 Million Cups brings together a community of entrepreneurs presenting their businesses to each other and to hear the successes, challenges and lessons learned by these early stage, scalable, tech startups.  The idea started in Kansas City, Mo with the idea that if a million cups of coffee could be served to local area entrepreneurs, then a real sense of community could be created by bringing together people and ideas that would mutually benefit each other.  With no fee to pay or membership to join, this weekly one hour event is for entrepreneurs, hosted by entrepreneurs.

The first event this Wednesday (Feb 29), at the Startup Building will feature Cahlan Sharp, CEO of DevMountain http://www.devmountain).  DevMountain is a 12 week, after hours, intense coding program that is currently exploring online options for technical education.   In addition, the second presentation will feature Trygve Jensen, CEO of Engodo (http://www.engodo.com).   Engodo is a social platform to get people talking about your brand.

Each presenter will be given 6 to 7 minutes to make their business presentation.  Attendees will then have the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback based on what they heard from the business presenter.  There will be a moderator to help with the flow and to draw out suggestions and feedback from both the businesses and attendees.

With the assistance from Kauffman Labs One Million Cups National Coach, Nathan Kurtz, the Provo entrepreneurial community organizers have met in Kansas City and Reno to experience One Million Cups events in person. The Provo One Million Cups initiative was pursued by Chris Padilla, CEO of Convert –a-Book; Christian Faulconer, CEO of Wrist Rocket;  Anders Taylor, Project Manager of Startup Group; Dixon Holmes, Deputy  Mayor of Provo City Economic Development; John Pilmer, CEO of PilmerPR, and Tom Taylor, Founder of Startup Group.

Nate Olson-catalyst for #1MC in KC

On a visit to Kansas City for a tour of Google Fiber implementation, Provo organizers were told by local entrepreneurs that the Kauffman Foundation had an event called One Million Cups and they had to go visit and experience it in person.    Impressed with what they saw at One Million Cups Kansas City, they felt that local entrepreneurs in Provo and Utah Valley could benefit from the same.  “This area already has a strong entrepreneurial environment, this will provide one more opportunity to really make it a community.”, said Chris Padilla, CEO of Convert a Book, a local ebook publishing house that works with budding authors wanting to get their stories from the book shelf to potential readers.

The local community founders of One Million Cups Provo are hoping to provide a free, weekly opportunity to have entrepreneurs meet with each other, make business presentations, and share with other entrepreneurs their challenges, successes and insight as to what they are experiencing in their own early stage businesses.    “We hope to strengthen the local entrepreneurial community, take it up a level, and get people talking”, said Christian Faulconer, CEO of Wrist Rocket a local franchising firm that works with entrepreneurs to take their business concept nationwide through the franchise system.

1MC in Kansas City

One Million Cups Provo is for early stage businesses that are scalable and typically tech driven by innovative entrepreneurs looking to move their business to the next stage in business.  Interested presenters are encouraged to visit the One Million Cups Provo portal at http://provo.sites.1millioncups.com/#ancOrganizers.  For more information on what One Million Cups is all about please visit http://www.1millioncups.com/ or watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VglrYkoRkhI

And in case you were wondering, yes, there will be coffee served, and cocoa upon request.




Contact: Christian Faulconer 801.709.1227

John Pilmer’s Trip to Kansas City to Kauffman Foundation and One Million Cups


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