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Still think blogging isn’t important to your Public Relations plan? Think again. This morning’s Fox News TV broadcast is a prime example. SCOTUSblog got some Fox love as Fox News anchors and experts read from SCOTUS to report the breaking news regarding the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare (Affordable Car Act).

With viewers teased for an hour and riveted to screens across the country and at the gym where I was sweating away on the treadmill, Bill Hemmer tossed out details and “expert” comment as fast as his little lips could move.  After his onsite reporter flipping through hard copy court opinion said the law was struck down under the Commerce Act, Hemmer quickly went to an expert reading more current (by seconds) reading that the law was upheld as a tax.  Wow! SCOTUSblog is a blog folks. Fox is a TV network, now beholden to a better news source, a blog. This is a major shift of power to the people blogger, away from the network.

Am I getting through? Great public relations plans include great social media strategy, which in turn includes blogging.

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