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This past week I was in Orlando for the Certiport PATHWAYS conference. While Doug Anderson oversaw some lighter moments around the conference, I would mention some thoughts on why this annual event is helping change the world. Certiport CEO David Saedi has a dream of helping millions of people isolated by a global digital skills gap that stops individuals and communities from competing effectively in a work force that demands computer and Internet skills. PATHWAYS brought together leaders from dozens of countries on every continent to address this problem. Champions of Digital Literacy (CDL) were awarded to individuals who are really making a difference in bridging the digital divide in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Working with the media covering the conference, it was my honor to work with Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, Phd. As he and Saedi spoke with writer Sheila Riley of Investors Business Daily, I went to school on the history of the Navajo Nation. CDL Ernest Franklin, the brilliant Navajo engineer behind their Web Warriors program shared the legend that is used as a metaphor for the challenges facing today’s isolated Navajo youth. Leveraging satellite Internet access and 110 Chapter Centers the Web Warrior program is starting to ramp up the number of IC3 certified students who become employable contributors to the Navajo Nation.

One of my favorite PATHWAYS experiences was an impromptu discussion with Certiport distributor in South Korea, Young Sam Chung, president of YBMSisa. Sam, as he likes to be called, is old enough to remember the tough lessons learned from his family’s experience as refugees during the Korean Conflict. Since my father served in that war as a Naval officer, Sam and I have much to talk about. He truly reverences the U.S. military men who helped keep the southern half of his country free. With all of the negative talk about the U.S. military presence around the world, I appreciated so much someone who recognizes the sacrifice of the men and women who serve freedom around the world.

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