Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): How you can do it

Corporate Social Responsibility  (CSR): How you can do it – Part III  originally appeared in Utah Business Magazine blog:

The secret to effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is planning. Integrate CSR into organization’s business model for best results. The benefits from your CSR campaign may come in the form of increased profits, an increased positive company perception, or approval from the community through increased goodwill or improved hiring pool.

Positive outcomes for your CSR campaign takes leadership, not luck. A strategic look at organizational objectives and how you plan to accomplish them will greatly facilitate the tactics planning of your CSR plan.

When determining your socially responsible objectives, consider your organization’s roots. Don’t immediately look around the world. Look in your backyard, start local. Make smaller goals and think about the community around your organization. How can you be a responsible corporate citizen? Look at the community’s needs and sincerely think about how your organization could help.

However, if your company has global reach, then the world is your community. US Synthetic recognized this when they started Yehu Microfinance.

Your tactics used to help accomplish your goals can be lofty and public, but they can also be small and private. One of the most important things to consider when planning tactics is if the tactic fits the objective. Great corporations have employed publicity catching tactics, but in the end they failed because they did not accomplish the predetermined objectives.

Once you have decided on a project, goal or objective, decided how you can involve your company, employees and target markets. One of the best ways to truly make an impact on your target market and key decision makers is to show them firsthand what you have done to be socially responsible

Anyone can donate money to a charitable organization, but it takes time, and sweat to build real relationships that not only make a difference, but a memory. Find a way to get yourself and your employees side by side with your target markets.

With careful planning, clear objectives, and relevant tactics, your organization’s CSR campaign will not only be effective, but it will also provide a clear return on investment.

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