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In previous entries we have discussed that Green PR is a subset of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In tough economic times some companies find themselves trying to justify budget for going Green or socially responsible programs. I’ve frequently shared PilmerPR philisophy that CSR should be woven into the very fabric of who we are as a company.  This article I read in the Financial Times does a great job of exploring the issues around commitment to CSR in today’s economic environment.

Glimpse Into: It’s an ill wind …

By Sarah Murray

(full article in Financial Times)

Published: June 9 2009 15:17 | Last updated: June 9 2009 15:17

As job losses mount, profits fall and companies fail, phrases such as “sustainable business” or “corporate responsibility” have taken on a whole new meaning. But while the terminology describing companies’ attempts to manage their social and environmental impacts may be flawed, many argue that the new scrutiny of global capitalism will only strengthen the case for ethical and responsible business practices.

Even so, some of this optimism may be misplaced. In the food industry, for example, “CSR” appears to be eclipsed by other concerns. In a survey released this week* of the top 10 priorities for food retail and manufacturing decision makers in 54 countries, CIES, a global food business network, found CSR had dropped from first place in January last year to third place a year later, and now languishes in fifth place…

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