NASDAQ: FB – Ready for the $18 Billion Bachelor Zuck – Bigger than Singapore?

Mark Zuckerberg Time Person of the Year coverFacebook now equals NASDAQ FB.

Get ready, there’s a new sheriff in tech town: Mark Zuckerberg, the teen tech titan turning the odometer at the ripe old age of 28. (That’s more than $641 million for every year he has been on earth.) Rumor has it, he plans to sell 30.2 million shares. At the $38 share price, he would pocket up to $1.15 billion. Part of Zuckerberg’s holdings also include special shares that give him voting rights on shareholder proposals. After the Facebook IPO, he will control 56 percent of votes. Zowy! (source: AP)

The expected $104 billion company (source: AP) is larger than the GDP of Israel, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, and Egypt.  With 33 banks and Morgan Stanley leading the way, what could go wrong?

Are you, like me, amazed and struck with “Zuck,” who makes his money off making others’ lives more accessible and sharable, while he guards his own privacy like a bulldog–with  a raft of hungry attorneys to defend him? If The Social Network was even close, past shenanigans are likely best kept in the past. Let the t-shirt clad kid reign in the new boardroom.

As I consider my past work with the pre-Google empire of Eric Schmidt at Novell and the Bill Gates’ Mega-Microsoft, I’m still in awe with entrepreneurs like Zuckerberg. In my public relations work with entrepreneurs, and as an instructor of entrepreneurship at UVU, I see the same traits over and over among these rising stars–passion, hard work, vision, rabid determination, and iron will.Entrepreneur Think Big cover Oh, and should I add a high tolerance for pain? They study like crazy in new start-up standards like Nail It Then Scale It (Paul Ahlstrom/Nathan Furr) & Business Model Generation (Alex Osterwalder) & BoomStart (Gary Rhoads/David Whitlark) & …

So, while May 18th may be known as NASDAQ FB Day, I say it should be named National Entrepreneur Day! So let it be written, so let it be done.

Addendum: Eduardo Saverin renounced his U.S. citizenship and moved to Singapore to avoid taxes. See Story in Forbes. What do you think of his move? Poor Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?


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