Two New Businesses That Can Save the World

The average American produces 4.6 pounds per day. That means the whole nation produces 251 million tons per year.

Many people have ideas to reduce that amount. And despite a common conception, many of the ideas can be more profitable than the status quo.

A group of BYU students, for example, found that Kenyans are often compelled to buy overpriced plastic bottles of water, or face deadly water-borne contamination from cheaper water sources. The ultimatum is not only terrible for their health, ...

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Tips to the Top from APX Alarm CEO Todd Pedersen at UVEF

The crowd of entrepreneurs attending today’s UVEF presentation responded enthusiastically to Todd Pedersen, CEO and founder of  APX Alarm. With 5500 employees, the company expects to knock on 10 million doors this summer as it gobbles market share in the home security market. 850,000 installations to-date puts APX in the top 4 companies in their industry.

todd-pedersenIf you think Todd is ready for a vacation, you would be mistaken, and ...

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Exploding National Debt Hampers Growth- Utah Entrepreneurs to the Rescue

Today’s crowd of around a thousand business, government, and education leaders heard the good, the bad, and the ugly about Utah economic recovery in 2010 and beyond.  While morning keynote and former Wells Fargo Bank VP, Kelly Matthews stated that “headwind issues will trump tailwind ones” this year in Utah, he also quoted comparatively positive unemployment (6.5%) inventory, sales,  and investment numbers that are among the strongest in the nation.

While Former Under Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, Randal Quarles, talked ...

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Green PR Firm Wants New Client – Water

water_shortagesI would love our PR firm to work 100% on environmental issues like water, clean energy, and cleantech. Our clients like ElectraTherm have proven our effectiveness in this effort.

A LinkedIn cleantech group member recently asked a question about the water shortage in Los Angeles. My answer was so good, perhaps you may enjoy reading it as well.

LA is at the tail of a tiger that is getting grouchy-the ...

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Do you believe? Breakthrough Auto Transmission – 30% more MPG

breakthrough_bigThere are so many new green technologies under development that it’s hard to keep track. Here’s one more. What if I told you there was a cleantech auto transmission under development that will yield 30% greater MPG, even in big-rig trucks? Gas, diesel, electric, CNG–doesn’t matter. What if I further told you that Hyundai, Honda, Toyota, and Subaru were all looking at it. More to come…

Did you know that in ...

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#1 Green Blog Treehugger finds "holy grail of renewable power"

green-pr-graphicTreehugger this week reported that a new solar project in Hawaii transformed into the “Holy Grail” of renewable energy when they integrated waste heat power generation capacity using the ElectraTherm Green Machine (PilmerPR client). Is that too strong of a claim?

ElectraTherm previously announced integration with geothermal technology and industrial waste heat. This is the first solar project they have been involved in and the results look promising.

President ...

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Pope Goes to Kenya – from Utah – CSR at its best

uvef_logoYesterday, I heard Louis Pope speak to the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum ( as he received recognition as Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Louis thinks globally, about our back yard in Utah, about our back yard to the world. In his acceptance remarks, he said more than a billion people live in extreme poverty-less than $1/day. However, his comments were not gloom and doom. He spoke of the net reduction ...

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Is Corporate Social Responsibility Optional?

csr-worldWhat does Wal-Mart and the United States government have in common? Answer: buying power. According to, the U.S. government spends more than $500 billion in products and services each year from roughly 230,000 different companies. It is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Wal-Mart is the world’s largest consumer products retailer, buying roughly $300 billion each year in products it sells in retail stores ...

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A Consumer Shift in Responsible Spending

consumer-spendingObama is talking about it. Gap, Hewlett Pack (HP) and Timberland are talking about it. Neighbors, executives and world politicians are also talking about it. What are they are all talking about? … Answer: Social Responsibility.

A recent article in Time magazine written by managing editor, Richard Stengel, introduced the idea of a new kind of consumer. “We are again entering a period of social change as Americans are recalibrating our ...

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