7 Utah Entrepreneurs Making a Difference in our Community

Give Back to your communityAs you may have noticed from our earlier posts, we LOVE being a Utah business. We’re very proud to do business in a state that is known for its entrepreneurial drive. The natural beauties of Utah and the top quality business atmosphere make it the perfect place to call home.

Entrepreneurs are a great asset to every community. They help create not only innovative new companies and products but provide jobs that would not have existed otherwise. A lot of entrepreneurs also give back to their community or the world, either monetarily or by dedicating time and service.  (See our CSR article for details).

Since Utah is our community, we’ve decided to showcase some local entrepreneurs who we think make a difference – in our community and in the world.

  1. NuSkin– This Utah Valley powerhouse company is renowned for finding ways to give back. They’ve received awards for their charitable efforts around the world, which include work in countries such as Russia, Hungary, South Africa and more. Along with their international efforts, they are a strong positive influence in our own community. This past June, they started their “Force for Good Day”, making care bags and quilts for children in local medical facilities as well as collecting books and DVD’s for hospital libraries and cleaning up downtown streets.


  1. Zija International– The Zija Miracle Foundation, created in October 2013, helps abandoned elderly individuals, as well as young orphans, near one of Zija’s Moringa Farms in northern India. It’s a perfect fit for the natural health company, which has a strong focus on complete wellness. The foundation has also become known for reaching out when disaster strikes.


  1. doTERRA– Essential oils is what comes to mind when you hear this brand’s name, but did you know doTerra’s Healing Hands Foundation focuses on healing of a different nature? Their mission, seekings “to bring healing and hope to the world, for lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant,” is lofty, but they back it up with their actions. They’ve helped with disasters such as the Nepal earthquake and frequent international service trips.


  1. Vivint– Local security and energy tycoon Todd Pedersen makes the world better through technology. Vivint also strives to enhance the lives of children with intellectual disabilities via their Vivint Gives Back The program focuses on developing new technology projects to solve the day-to-day problems of special needs families. They also reach out with security discounts for homes and schools throughout North America so these families can feel safe.

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) recently announced its “Top 25 under 5” awards for 2015. The awards are given to companies up to five years old that are promising and engaging. Past winners have included Utah favorites such as: KT Tape, Zagg, Inc, and Orabrush. This year’s number one gives back to the community through their very business model.


  1. Vision Solar– This rising tech startup is on a mission to help people switch over to clean, renewable energy for zero money down. They want green energy to take over the world. Helping people help the environment is what they do.


Other UVEF Top 25 under 5 winners who we think are doing a great job at giving back to their community are:


  1. E.R.O.I.C, INC– This non-profit organization was formed by a widely varied group of costumers and prop-makers. They use their talents to focus on supporting charities and community events with their costumes based on comic book heroes, gaming characters, princesses, and some fantasy/science fiction characters. This is a fun way to give back, especially since the heroes themselves can’t always be there.


  1. BlackRock NeruoMed– This medical supply company is striving to help doctors and scientists do more with better, higher-quality EEG machines. They manufacture and distribute these high-quality EEG machines around the world. The human mind has limitless, untapped potential and by studying it, we can unlock more of its mysteries. BlackRock has made it a point to partner with some of the top research facilities and conferences in the US to move research forward on debilitating diseases such as epilepsy.


Whether or not you are a Utah business, we believe your business can make a difference too. Let us show you how your company can go to the next level with your CSR and give back to the community that has given you so much.

Give Back to those who helped you

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