Provo / Orem At the Top Again with Job Growth

The Provo-Orem area in Utah County has received a lot of attention the past few years. It has been noticed for being small business friendly, having low business cost, being good for business and employees and for being one of the best places to live. All this attention over the past few years has put Provo on the map – and it has done it again. The Provo-Orem area was recently announced by Forbes as the No. 1 medium-sized city for Job Growth!

The Forbes article cites the area’s social cohesion, emphasis on education and enterprise as a few possible underlying reasons for all the success. The two cities’ mayors attribute a good portion of the success of the combined metropolitan area to the area’s entrepreneurial spirit and all the start-ups that begin in the area. The survey showed that the Provo-Orem area had good growth among all sectors of business in the last year. With two large universities in the area and an even bigger workforce available, it is no surprise that Provo keeps popping up on the radar for its growing economy.

Forbes contributor Joel Kotkin said in his report, “As many of America’s most prosperous metro areas become ever more expensive and highly regulated, notably in California and the Northeast, small-city America could enjoy a renaissance in coming years, but it will take determination on the part of local leaders and residents to begin expanding their economic strategy beyond any one niche, and instead develop a growth economy that can insulate themselves from the downturns that affect any single industry over time.”

With that in mind, it is no wonder that the Provo-Orem area is in the top rankings. We’ve been headquartered in this area since we opened in the mid 90’s and the growth that we’ve seen in the area has been incredible. There is always something going on. We’re proud to be a Utah business and all that it encompasses. We have the quality work force and economy of a big time city with the quaint, small town feel.

We’ve highlighted the advantages of living and working in Utah in the past. In addition to off-the-chart investment opportunities and famously low tax rates, Utah has one of the lowest costs of living in the US. There’s also a great feel of community and the entrepreneurial spirit that will elevate Utah’s economy into a powerhouse in the future.

Check out the article that sums up the survey results and what they could mean for the country.

If you’d like to see how Utah County can help your business, or if you need help with your entrepreneurial start up contact us.

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