CNG – more than just Green PR for Governor Huntsman

In this weeks’ State of the State address by Utah Governor Huntsman, he spoke of building a Natural Gas Corridor  from Idaho to Arizona. Some might say he’s trying a Green public relations move to appease extreme environmentalist, but that crowd seems blind to the benefits of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) because it’s, shall I mention the words, fossil fuel. I like the Governor’s out of the box, or out of the state borders, thinking here.  Furthermore, I believe he and his energy adviser, Dianne Nielsen,  see a bigger picture.

Why use a bridge like CNG? Thanks for the lead in, Governor.

*Electric cars have their place and when battery technology gets better they will have a bigger place. In Utah, it means you simply move the pollution out of the valley (good) to the area surrounding the coal burning power plant (bad). Won’t help trucking industry as well because we need that pulling power of diesel.

*Hydrogen is 10 years off based on the info I’ve seen. Hope I’m wrong as we need it now.

*Hybrid is great as a short term bridge, but continues sucking down foreign oil.

*Biofuel – good ideas in the works. But ethanol proved disastrous for corn and beef prices, not to mention the increased pollution of the Mississippi Delta. Look for great stuff in the future hear like algae based fuel, fuel from garbage, switch grass, animal waste etc

*CNG – available NOW, burns clean, plentiful in Utah, cheap, made in the USA. A CNG “corridor” as spoken of by the governor will facilitate conversion of big-rig trucking faster. Big rig diesel’s use 45% of diesel consumed in U.S. every day. See

What do you think?

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