Data Continues to Mount on Benefits of Human Breast Milk Nutrition for Premature Infants

— Prolacta Bioscience Applauds Independent Breast Milk Studies Presented at 2013 Pediatric Academics Society Annual Meeting —

INDUSTRY, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Prolacta Bioscience, the leader of human breast milk nutrition for premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) applauds the focus of human milk nutrition highlighted at the recent Pediatric Academics Society (PAS) Annual Meeting. The growing number of studies conducted independently point to rising interest of providing an exclusive human milk diet for extremely premature infants because of the demonstrated health benefits.

The PAS meeting included three presentations regarding lower incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) observed when premature infants were kept on an exclusive human milk diet. NEC is an acute, dangerous intestinal disease that often leads to surgery, and sometimes even death among preemies. It is one of the leading causes of death in premature infants. Two of the presentations addressed the cost savings associated with use of a 100% human milk diet and how it was linked to the prevention of NEC and particularly the need for surgical intervention. An additional presentation was delivered regarding growth and development of the premature infant when a 100% human milk diet was given while the infant was in the neonatal intensive care unit. This presentation demonstrated that infant’s growth velocities were above average when compared to the controls they used and BSIDIII scores (a score system used to measure neurological and motor development) were comparable to the scores reported in the literature for preterm infants. The independent data that was presented at the PAS meeting showed similar results to a randomized controlled trial as well as a pharmacoeconomics study confirming the improved outcomes and cost savings.

These presentations come on the heels of the groundbreaking legislation passed by the State of Kentucky last month in support of a 100% human milk diet for premature infants in the NICU. Kentucky’s law now mandates that health insurance plans with a prescription drug benefit will be required to provide coverage for a 100% human milk diet, if it is prescribed by a physician in order to prevent NEC. Kentucky has become the first state in the country to pass a law that supports exclusive breast milk nutrition for critically ill premature infants. Additionally, there was a revised policy statement released by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) in 2012 recommending that all preterm infants receive human milk, whether their mother’s own milk or pasteurized donor breast milk if mother’s own milk is unavailable. The AAP also recommended that human milk be fortified, with protein, minerals, and vitamins to ensure optimal nutrient intake for infants weighing less than 1500g at birth.

Prolacta makes the only human milk fortifier (HMF) derived from 100% human milk, Prolact+ H2MF®. Clinical data has demonstrated that when Prolact+ H2MF was added to human milk, the odds of developing NEC were reduced by 77% in premature infants weighing between 500g and 1250g at birth, when compared to infants receiving human milk fortified with cow milk-based HMFand/ or preterm infant formula, when the supply of mother’s own milk was insufficient. HMF is needed to provide the added nutrition necessary for extremely premature infants in the NICU since they have extra nutritional needs above what can be provided by their mother’s milk or donor milk alone. The use of Prolact+ H2MF has grown considerably over the past few years in NICUs across the country, as data continues to underscore the benefits of exclusive human milk nutrition over cow milk-based nutrition.

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Prolacta Bioscience, Inc. ( is a life science company dedicated to improving quality of life by Advancing the Science of Human Milk™. Prolacta creates specialty formulations made exclusively from human milk for the nutritional needs of critically ill, premature infants in neonatal intensive care units. It is the first and only company to provide a human milk fortifier made from 100% human milk, Prolact+ H2MF. They operate a pharmaceutical grade processing plant and have designed and patented processes that enable them to make their one-of-a-kind life-saving products. Prolacta is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of the most vulnerable infants through world-class research and innovative products.

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