Solar Energy – Power bills set to double within 10 years says power company

 Solar electric retrofitting businesses and homes offers powerful returns on investment and backup electricity in case of emergency. That’s the assertion of a distinguished group of energy experts who discussed solar energy return on investment on November 8th at the Provo Marriott. To a packed room, panelists charted the course for installing and financing solar systems for the quickest payback. Event sponsors educate d the public in advance of the January 2014 Utah Solar Incentive auction offering a limited number of large rebate incentives for small business.

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Door #1 – Do nothing: Rocky Mountain Power predicts power bills will DOUBLE over the next 10 years.
Door #2 – Go Solar: Eliminate your power bill with a solar system paid for in 10 years for $1 a day.

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Aspen Pines Apartments’ success in maxing out rebates that cover 95% of their system cost.


“Current Utah rebates and tax incentives have converged to make solar energy more viable than ever before in both commercial and residential applications,” states Norm Harrison, CEO for Progressive Power Solutions, the event host. “In today’s uncertain economy, solar retrofits make good money sense and promise rapid returns as opposed to the guarantee that current power bills are on the rise. You don’t have to be a big investor any more to create a golden nest egg with solar.”

Among the events expert panelists for this event was Dr. Bernell Stone, a noted energy financial analyst who has consulted at the state and federal level on clean energy over his storied career. He states,

“Before 2020, PV solar will be the low-cost source of new electricity generating capacity in most of the United States.”

-Bernell K. Stone – Executive Director, Global Energy Management (GEM)



Another featured panelist is Scott Cruze, a commercial property manager with a solar vision. Scott quantified how he is retrofitting more than a dozen client apartment properties with solar electric technology. Using current state and federal rebates and tax incentives, he is installing a single retrofit with $90k of equipment/labor for a net cost of under $5k per property.

Both Dr. Stone’s and Mr. Cruze’s papers will soon be available at .

Panelists for the public event – a who’s who of Utah energy:


Dr. Bernell Stone– Global Energy Management

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Scott Cruze – Concept Property Management

Erik Anderson – Rocky Mountain Power

James Johnston – The NRG Bureau

Jeff Barrett – Governor’s Office of Economic Development – Energy

Orrin Farnsworth – Utah Solar Energy Association


Solar ROI event sponsors include GOED, Utah Technology Magazine, Concept Property Management, City of Provo, Utah Valley Home Builders Association, Real Goods Solar, Platt Electric, and Progressive Power Solutions (

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