Sustainable Energy is as Easy as Flipping a Switch

ILLUMRA's european wireless, battery-free light switch is fully powered by the motion of flipping the switch.

PilmerPR prides itself in helping Green businesses gain local, national and international attention for their innovations. Over the past couple of months, PilmerPR has helped one such local company get attention for its new products.

As the economy begins to recover, Orem-based ILLUMRA, a producer of wireless battery-free controls, announced it has hired four new employees, and is further expanding into the $470 billion European electronics market.

“We have been watching these folks for months as they have started to get some big-time customers,” John Pilmer, president of PilmerPR, recently told Deseret News. “They have been in bootstrap mode for 41/2 years, and they are starting to turn a profit.”

PilmerPR introduced Deseret News to ILLUMRA after telling them about the technology. As a result, the paper published a prominent feature story about the Utah company in their Saturday edition. You can read the full article here.

All ILLUMRA products (light switches, LED dimmers, sensors and more) are completely self-powered, using no electricity from walls or batteries. Some products, like their light sensors, are solar powered. Others, like their light switches, are self-powered by technology that converts the motion from the press of the switch into an electric pulse, transmitting a wireless signal to ILLUMRA receivers. (In other words, the energy used to flip a switch is all the energy it needs to transmit the signal.) Some products are even powered by temperature changes in the room. This represents major energy-saving technology coming out of Utah.

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