Two New Businesses That Can Save the World

The average American produces 4.6 pounds per day. That means the whole nation produces 251 million tons per year.

Many people have ideas to reduce that amount. And despite a common conception, many of the ideas can be more profitable than the status quo.

Photo by KRISTIN HEINICHEN/Daily Herald

Photo by Kristin Heinichen, Daily Herald

A group of BYU students, for example, found that Kenyans are often compelled to buy overpriced plastic bottles of water, or face deadly water-borne contamination from cheaper water sources. The ultimatum is not only terrible for their health, it doesn’t make economic sense.

From the Daily Herald article:

“Currently, people’s needs are being overserved,” [Marere co-founder Kyle] Freebairn said of water bottles, deeming them superfluous to the basic need of thirst. “If you give them a utility they don’t need, you are forcing them to pay a higher price point than their optimum need.”

The students are working to solve the problem by selling 17-ounce polyethylene bags of water for half the price of bottles. Kenyans just bite the corner of the bag for water. It reduces trash, saves lives, and will likely out-sell the bottled competition.

“Marere is financially sustainable, but socially we’re using business and capitalism and natural incentives to drive the quality of life up; it’s very rewarding,” [Freebairn] said.

A second company is making headlines by trying to eliminate trash all together!

That is ambitious goal of TerraCycle, a company that produces everything from kites to spray-bottles entirely out of trash. They call it “upcycling,” and it, too, is paying off. They already have big contracts with stores like Walmart, K-Mart, Target and Home Depot. The products work just as well as well as their made-from-scratch counterparts, and are even cheaper to produce.

Watch the video below about their compelling business model:

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