7 Steps to Up Your Corporate Social Responsibility Game

In an age when tweets about an earthquake move faster than the human experience of the tremors themselves, good global citizenship is nearly impossible to fake. I could prove this by producing charts and graphs showing how your company culture impacts your profits, employee turnover, job satisfaction and media coverage.

But, graphs or no, the bottom line is this: If the point of starting your business was to find fulfillment and happiness in doing something you love, you should feel Roadmap to good CSRsomething similar about the end product. This “end” result is just as important as the money you make along the way weight loss quick.

Want to feel good about your own company’s “end result”? Here are 7 steps to help you create a business you can be proud of.

  1. Think about your stakeholders.

If achieving happiness is not tantalizing enough for you to become more socially responsible, consider instead the stakeholders of your company: your investors, channel partners, customers, employees and surrounding community. How you operate affects the lives of each of these groups. So, the goals you set should take all of them into account.

  1. Define your mission.

Most companies have a mission statement that provides the framework to build the business. Corporate responsibility is no different. Some companies choose to integrate their social goals into their business agenda (think TOMs shoes or Persnickety Clothing), but your business might be wise to have a separate “corporate social responsibility” mission/vision statement.

3. Find out what is important to you.

Profits are important; that’s a given. But, what else is important to you? Perhaps even more crucial is, The importance of CSRwhat is important to your customers? For General Mills, the future of education is what drives the company — a great mission choice, since many cereal and snack food decision-makers happen to be parents. Whatever your mission, it needs to be something you are honestly passionate about, or it will never stick.


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