Fire Prevention Hooks Up a New Friend in Fire Avert – Stops #1 Cause of Home Fires – Before They Start

Fire Prevention hooks up with a new ally this week.

Some years ago, my elderly mom’s home burned to the ground. Fortunately, she was safe. My childhood treasures were not so lucky. Years later the property sold for a fraction of what it was once worth. What a waste! The fire department was unable to determine the cause. My mom couldn’t remember leaving the stove or electric blanket on. We’ll never know. One thing is for sure, if I could dial back the clock, a new product now shipping would be in my elderly parents’ home.


This week Fire Avert hits the market, after years of testing. Dozens of fire marshals in my state are thrilled with it. Here’s a letter from the top fire marshal in the state, Coy Porter. This new technology wirelessly detects a smoke alarm signal and cuts power to the stove, if it’s been left on. Most stove fires smoke for hours before flames erupt. No other product stops the fire before it starts like this. And you simply plug it in the wall behind the stove.

With Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and other memory loss conditions growing with our aging population, the Fire Avert seems like a ‘no brainer’ for aging parents, senior living centers, etc. This includes baby boomers and older.  Any parent with children old enough to reach the stove can sleep easier with this new product. If you own a multifamily housing unit just multiply your risk of stove fires by the number of units you have.

A 100 unit building has a 1-in-10 chance of an apartment fire in the next year. The average cost of such a fire is $12,000 in property damage alone.

That doesn’t count the PR nightmare, lost renters, and lost revenue facing the owner.

Did I mention that Fire Avert was invented by a firefighter? The Peter Thorpe story is a cool one all by itself. Perhaps we’ll leave that for another day.

Fire Avert is a PilmerPR client and I’m so pleased to spread the word about this socially responsible product. Until I met Peter, I had no idea stove fires were the #1 cause of home fires–“by far” according to the NFPA.

Here’s more of the news just out on the newswire:

Fire Avert is now shipping with breakthrough fire prevention technology to prevent stove fires before they start. In development for two years, this industry first is firefighter invented and fire marshal endorsed. Fire Avert is initially available online and in select Utah retail locations: Allred’s Ace Hardware in Pleasant Grove; Hutch’s Home Furnishings in Lehi, and Boulevard Home Furnishings in St. George. For the first time, consumers can protect loved ones from the number one source of home fires before flames erupt. Each year 5,000 persons are killed or injured because someone forgot to turn off the stove (source:National Fire Protection Association –


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