iCloud & Simply Mac Reinforce iPhone PR – Sorry Android

There is nothing like great customer service to build great Public Relations (PR).  So, when this marketing and communications pro is on the customer side of a transaction, I notice the little stuff. After owning my iPhone 5 for only 100 days, the speaker stopped working.  By comparison, my previous Motorola Atrix 4G didn’t have  “infant mortality” hardware problems that I recall. Since leaving Droid for iPhone you can imagine I’m sensitive to how the Apple hype and my iPhone friends dedicated discipleship match reality.

I’ve already decided that I preferred the Atrix keyboard for big guy fingers. I liked the navigation better on the Atrix, likely because it matched my Windows trained thought processes–not as many surprises as with the iPhone. However, the iPhone has hyper-accurate voice-to-text that the droid can only dream about.  The streaming video on iPhone is phenomenal. Siri, well, Siri and I are still learning to get along. The Tom Tom like navigation on the Atrix was more to my liking. Maybe I just need to learn how to reason better with Siri. I could probably take some lessons from my nephew Bo who teaches me how to use his iPad with impressive dexterity. Bo is five. I’m a digital immigrant.

Back to customer service. The local dealer where I bought my phone sent me over to Simply Mac near the University Mall in Orem, UT for warranty service. Too bad I wasn’t hungry when I got there because Simply Mac is flanked by Jason’s Deli on one side and Goodwood BBQ on the other. I do digress. When I walked into Simply Mac, Jon walked immediately from behind the counter and met me halfway. He had a cool-hand Luke or maybe a summer surf boy kind of easiness that relaxed me and made me very confidence he could alleviate pain without drugs or major phone reformat pain.

Jon got me in the system right away and then handed me off to Magic Mark the phone tech. Just a note to management. Those guys need more money-dude. For their age, they were amazingly poised, confident, with smooth phone-side manner.  I told Mark my biggest concerns–wasting my time, losing my stuff and settings. His confidence buoyed my own. He did, however, have me sign a release form should he fail to keep all my stuff if a phone transfer was needed.

To make it short, he gave me a new iPhone 5 complete with my settings and apps and data and photos and email and, and, and…no lost data detected to this moment. I have had to input of passwords. (Note to self, make better records on my 5M passwords)

Thanks, so far, Simply Mac for the lesson in customer service. It took 30 minutes and left me relatively pain free. I will not that the lady beside me in that store had lost photos and didn’t back up on iCloud. OOOPS


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As founder of PilmerPR, John Pilmer, APR serves as a PR and marketing communications advisor for both emerging and established companies. He offers customers more than 20 years of results-driven business PR and marketing experience. John and the firm have provided PR consultation and campaigns for clients such as Mozy, Novell, AdvancedMD, Certiport, NextPage, ElectraTherm, Altiris, Avamar, EmergeCore Networks, FSLogic, INVISUS, 10x Marketing, MWI, Project Insight, REIC, Seastone, US Synthetic and Funding Universe (now Lendio), among others.
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