BYU QB Battle overshadowed by Air Force Attack – Who has the edge?

Wow! What a disappointing Week 2. The Air Force brought in a disciplined attack executed with the precision of the Thunderbirds flying team.  In my own game to figure out which QB BYU should ultimately lean on, I would have chosen Riley Nelson, as did the coaching staff. However, Air Force had a laser guided approach to stopping both Nelson and Heaps–and the rest of BYU’s attack. Riley did score 2 more TD’s. So, its Riley 4 Heaps 0 in ...

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Zinch is Synch for Success in Student Social Media

Think LinkedIn for teens. Zinch launched in 2007 with the intention of better connecting aspiring college entrants with schools. Today at UVEF, founder Brad Hagen reported impressive demand for Zinch with 800 schools (universities/colleges) on board and 2.5 million student profiles online. Yes, I said million. Does that rock your world or what?!

Brad reported that while only 10% of high schoolers used social ...

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