"Doing" CSR – The Real Thing

I love this article on CSR. It focuses on what I’ve been teaching PR clients for years: “First  Be Good, then Talk about it.”

Greenwashing is just the environmental version of getting the order wrong, “talk about being good, before walking the walk.” We have a corporate responsibility to answer to Society, the Environment, and Stockholders (people, planet, profit).  We ...

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Sustainable Energy is as Easy as Flipping a Switch

PilmerPR prides itself in helping Green businesses gain local, national and international attention for their innovations. Over the past couple of months, PilmerPR has helped one such local company get attention for its new products.

As the economy begins to recover, Orem-based ILLUMRA, a producer of wireless battery-free controls, announced it has hired four new employees, and is further expanding into the $470 billion European electronics market.

“We have been watching these folks for months as they have started to ...

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What Facebook, BP and Microsoft Teach Us About "Unspoken Messages"

You heard it as a child: “Actions speak louder than words.” The same is true in public relations. Crafted statements and press releases can be effective communication tools only as far as they match reality.

Facebook is a recent example. Despite their continual claims that user privacy was important, they gradually loosened the privacy restrictions, making status updates publicly visible and sharing likes/dislikes with third-party sites by default. Only when users revolted would they temporarily step back, as they are ...

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The Business Opportunity of Going Green

Today is Earth Day, which means you will probably hear a lot about companies “Going Green.”

Many executives and entrepreneurs wonder if it makes economic sense to do the same. How does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in any of its manifestations (“Green” being just one), affect the bottom line?

John Pilmer, APR, recently addressed this issue at the 2010 Entrepreneurial Business Conference at Utah Valley University. This year’s theme was “Prosper in Hard Times… Opportunities Await!” John believes ...

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Two New Businesses That Can Save the World

The average American produces 4.6 pounds per day. That means the whole nation produces 251 million tons per year.

Many people have ideas to reduce that amount. And despite a common conception, many of the ideas can be more profitable than the status quo.

A group of BYU students, for example, found that Kenyans are often compelled to buy overpriced plastic bottles of water, or face deadly water-borne contamination from cheaper water sources. The ultimatum is not only terrible for their health, ...

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PR 101: The Basics

This afternoon, PilmerPR finished its first webinar, “PR 101: The Basics,” sponsored by ecodzign and CFOwise. Those who attended learned valuable information about social media, making news, finding prospects, and more.

We will post clips from the webinar on this blog in the weeks ahead.

If you missed it, and would like to hear what was presented and/or learn about our upcoming webinars, please join the PilmerPR “PR Tips” Newsletter. By joining, you may also receive exclusive discount codes ...

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Is Corporate Social Responsibility Optional?

csr-worldWhat does Wal-Mart and the United States government have in common? Answer: buying power. According to USAspending.gov, the U.S. government spends more than $500 billion in products and services each year from roughly 230,000 different companies. It is the world’s largest buyer of goods and services. Wal-Mart is the world’s largest consumer products retailer, buying roughly $300 billion each year in products it sells in retail stores ...

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A Consumer Shift in Responsible Spending

consumer-spendingObama is talking about it. Gap, Hewlett Pack (HP) and Timberland are talking about it. Neighbors, executives and world politicians are also talking about it. What are they are all talking about? … Answer: Social Responsibility.

A recent article in Time magazine written by managing editor, Richard Stengel, introduced the idea of a new kind of consumer. “We are again entering a period of social change as Americans are recalibrating our ...

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