New Year's Resolution – Awesome Customer Service! (e.g. Sonny Bryan's BBQ;Brent Brown Toyota; EP Auto)

When I was fresh out of college I served as administrative assistant to an exceptional corporate CEO, Richard “Dick” Smith  of Smith Administrators in Salt Lake City.  Dick used to teach employees, “Rule #1: the customer is always right. Rule #2: when the customer is wrong, refer to rule #1.”

In every position since that time, and as the owner of my ...

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Big Max Attacks – Customer Satisfaction

satisfactionBig buzz surrounds the comments of BYU QB Max Hall and the reported bad behavior of University of Utah fans. On the opposite sidelines is alleged mistreatment of Utah coach Whittingham’s daughter by BYU fans. As an alumnus of both schools in question, my thoughts about the infractions in question have covered a lot of yardage defining the problem and suggesting a solution. So, here goes nothin’. ...

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Universities Need Public Relations Help

Universities need Public Relations HelpFor those who can’t seem to keep their language clean, their hands to themselves and all other objects in their possession under control, universities are forced to create behavior policies for spectator events. No need to complain about ridiculous rules, because “ridiculous” should be saved for the behavior that requires such policies to be created. It is expected that universities across the country will need to release ...

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